16 Steam Codes on NXT Marketplace No Game Over 500NXT
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Author Topic: 16 Steam Codes on NXT Marketplace No Game Over 500NXT  (Read 1379 times)


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16 Steam Codes on NXT Marketplace No Game Over 500NXT
« on: February 14, 2015, 08:20:29 am »

Here is my account on the NXT Market. NXT-5BR7-VFAX-TEFV-AGJ5U

I also write for CoinTelegraph and miningpool.co.uk so if I scam you out of a few hundred NXT, you can follow me around the internet making me look bad, so there is that.

I got these games through the humble bundle but either knew I would never play them or had extra copies. If this is a success, I'll add more in the future and stop redeeming every game I get. Prices are set well below what they were on Steam when I put them up. If they go on sale in the meantime or the exchange rate changes drastically, just send me a message and I'll lower the price to something lower than what Steam has. Right now, they are more than 50% off, I would say most are around 90% off, but I haven't bothered to do the math.

There are two educational games in there that I am selling for 25 NXT each.  If you prove to me you are a parent and say you can't afford it, I'll send them to you for free.

If for some reason the key isn't forthcoming or doesn't work in your region or whatever, I'll return your NXT, including the 1NXT fee.

Games available now:

Blades of Time Limited Addition 500 NXT
Crazy Plant Shop (Educational) 25 NXT
Eldritch 200 NXT
Gas Guzzlers Extreme 500 NXT
Horizon 450 NXT
Nuclear Dawn 150 NXT
Risen 100 NXT
Risk of Rain 150 NXT
Star Ruler 300 NXT
StarDrive 500 NXT
The Counting Kingdom (Educational) 25 NXT
The Lost Crown 100 NXT
Zafehouse: Diaries 100 NXT
Dust: An Elysian Tail 100 NXT (great game)
Worm Clan Wars 100 NXT
War of Roses: Kingmaker 250 NXT (technically DLC, but base game is free. This package retails for $19.99)

Also, if you have any extra keys, I am open to trades.

Like I said, huge discounts on these games but only because they are just laying around not doing anything anyway. Please don't ask for special requests, I don't have any special access or anything like that, this is just what I have collected in extras by buying bundles over the past two or so years.

I plan on spending whatever I get on the Asset exchange, but if I sell a good amount of the games, I'll donate some of the money to a NXT accepting charity if someone wants to recommend one.