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Author Topic: Saving Private Ryan [nxt]  (Read 293 times)


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Saving Private Ryan [nxt]
June 07, 2017, 01:52:12 am

Ethereum is getting bigger piece of the pie?
What do you think, developers? PR managers?

Propably the key solution for NXT is to play on another field?
How about to make your wallet customizable?
Not like a swiss knife but as a wizard for creating customers' own apps.
Ethereum is for developers. NXT is for end-users.
Off the shelf.
It is like time when people couldn't create their own sites, and had to pay big money each time they needed to create even single page, until wordpress came. Now everybody can do its own site with zero knowledge of programing.

NXT wallet allows do everything?
That is the main problem! It is too complicated. If I am enterpreneur and I want to make an app for my customers/investors I can't give them  this app! Look at this, there are so many things in the app. People are not geeks. They need a very simple and understandable solution.
Or just imagine if I need an app for voting. For voting, Carl! Look at this app. If I show it to my community that will be the last time they listen to me. I can't give them nxt wallet "as is", it is too complicated, I need to disable all these features.
API ? No becuse from this moment you play on the field of developers. The smallest bill is 10K for an app. That is the reality. How the blockchain will come to ordinary people if the price is too high? If enthusiasts are not ablle to create their own apps.

Play on your own ground. Not on ethreum's. Give people "lego".
Easy to use and to create thier own apps (with their features, logos, details, instuctions).

I will gladly help nxt developers with this concept.
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Re: Saving Private Ryan [nxt]
June 07, 2017, 06:33:09 am

making the features to different modules that can be enabled/disabled is a very good idea, I think

also the GUI need to be polished to be more mobile friendly.
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