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Author Topic: Alias update  (Read 985 times)


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Alias update
« on: September 18, 2016, 11:30:03 am »

So I am a huge fan of Amanda B Johnson's Daily Decrypt, the show came to an end some time ago, as she moved on to promote DASH and building a new show called DASH Detailed, recently she launch a series of educational details called DASH detailed, in it she talks about DASH new Evolution solution of DASH which include a bunch of features. One of those being the use of an Alias System.

A whole lot of parallels are drawn on their Alias system however a lot of good ideas are also explained, and here is where I would like to know if these improvements can be considered to the NXT Alias system.

So I am not a huge expert of the Alias system, I do own some Aliases and have tied to some accounts but also see there are some desired effects that are simply not worked out like that.

One of those is that the Send NXT doesn't really crawl the blockchain using the Alias system,

Another is that the alias are statically linked to an address, while maybe a dynamic use of address might be more secure and appropriate. How does a dynamic alias works? Well Just like some bitcoin accounts like Coinomi, you can send currency from different accounts each time while being able to receive funds from one alias.


This is not new to bitcoin services like Bitholla, but is good for ease of use.

Update Perhaps Account controls can be implemented with Alias to have this functionality.
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