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Title: Technical question NXT protocol
Post by: Joe238 on April 10, 2020, 02:33:56 pm
I'm currently reading the paper dealing with the mathematics in NXT ("A Probabilistic Analysis of the Nxt Forging Algorithm") and the author describes an attack I don't understand. He states:
"the attacker spends in the main chain and waits for some confirmations, and then broadcasts a (long) sidechain that would be accepted by the nodes as the main one". And continues with:
"Therefore, in this section we analyse how many blocks in a row can be typically generated by a given account over a long period of time."

I really don't understand what is happening in this kind of attack. I thought there were no classic sidechains in NXT? And why is it necessary to create several blocks in a row?   ???
Title: Re: Technical question NXT protocol
Post by: Jose on April 10, 2020, 06:55:25 pm
As I understand it, "sidechain" in this case means "forked chain", or "fake chain" that tries to replace the "legit" or "main chain".
The higher the number of blocks after a transaction is made, the harder it is to rollback that past block.
That's why you don't want an attacker to get to forge many blocks in a row.