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Author Topic: Passphrase from 2013 NXT client not compatible with latest client?  (Read 55 times)


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Hi all,

I held some NXT back in 2013 and decided to try and access my wallet again. Obviously the old client is now no longer operational, however I have ran into a problem with using the current NXT client.

My account ID in 2013 was 5509584961780958226 which I have found corresponds to the new NXT address NXT-MK2L-CMPE-QACL-6UHXS.

From memory I don't think the current passphrase format was being used back in 2013, but I do have a password that I have saved in Notepad (and written down), however this is not working on the new client when I sign in.  I'm wondering if it is similar to the issue that was discussed here: https://nxtforum.org/nxt-helpdesk/passphrase-issue-mac-and-pc-differences/msg231668/#msg231668

Any ideas/suggestions?

Thanks :)


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Hi yertle88,

in late 2013 the Nxt client was very primitive and it did not include an automatic passphrase generator, so users would generally create random, long passphrases themselves or using a password generation tool. But the logic underneath has not changed. Today you could also generate a new account using the Nxt Client and, instead of using the 12-word passphrase proposed by the client, introduce your own custom passphrase. So the password you saved, correctly introduced, should unlock your account - provided there's no errors in the password you saved in Notepad.

Otherwise, the likely cause of the problem is some character error. Which could be a plain typo or, as suggested by Riker in the topic you link, some (unusual) symbol encoding mismatch. I guess you have tried to copy and paste the password into the key icon (passphrase) login field. If that does not work, and there's no strange symbols within the password itself that could be misinterpreted in your current OS environment, maybe some end space or newline character is sneaking in. In that case, you can try to copy the password carefully, one character at a time, to a blank document in any plain text editor, and try to copy-paste again from the regenerated password.
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