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Author Topic: No longer have phone or Google Authenticator, How can I log in to MyNxt account?  (Read 193 times)


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...and am in the process of buying a new phone and will be using Google Authenticator again. How can I log into my account?

Cheers :)
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I guess you're talking about your MyNxt.info wallet?
You need to send an email to the admin (vanbreuk@gmail.com) from the same address you used for your MyNxt wallet. He can unlock your 2FA.


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Hello mdubya,

I have modified the title of your post since we often have misunderstandings between the Nxt Client (the official client you can get at https://nxt.org/download) and the MyNxt web wallet, which is not developed by the Nxt core team and works in a different way.

The MyNxt web wallet started recently to display the Google Authenticator/2FA security code when enabling it in an account, so users can save that security code and restore 2FA later in their Google Authenticator app in case of loss.

Anyone who does not have this security code can contact me to disable 2FA for their account so it can be accessed again. Sending you a PM.

Edit: peter was faster and posted the fast way. If your MyNxt account email is not the same you used to register in NxtForum, for security reasons I'll need the request to disable 2FA sent from the same email account you used to register in MyNxt.
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