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Author Topic: No IGNIS yet, mistake or scam?  (Read 4693 times)


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Re: No IGNIS yet, mistake or scam?
January 09, 2018, 10:25:03 pm



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Re: No IGNIS yet, mistake or scam?
January 12, 2018, 09:16:36 am

sure it's scam , probably one of the biggest at this moment !!!

Hello to all ,

today is the date of 1/12/18, we have not yet received the ignis coins which we deserved - i bought NXT on bittrex before the airdrop.
there is no response or message or any explanation from the NXT "organisation" , last announcent on your site id from 12/27/2017.

i bought 20,000$ nxt coins at price 1.4$ , following the company's declarations and promises.
Now I and all of the traders have lost minimum of 70% - 80% on our investment , significant amounts of money following your fraud airdrop , if it was fair I would not complain. but it is clear that the whole process is one big manipulation.

we - the traders - have lost from from the both sides, NXT price and the IGNIS price , and you are behaving like the dirtiest cheaters , you hurt yourself in the most difficult way and lost the trust of clients across the world .

we want your response as soon as possible, and we want what we deserve - ignis coins. You made the price reach $ 2 at its peak, traders bought the coins at that price, and the new ignis coin is trading at rediclose price, so everyone who made the "smart" airdrop , was demage from you very hard . classic scam , classic cheating, you're miserable.

shut up and don't tell us to go some other support , you are the place and one to to give us answers . you have to give answers right now, every moment that passes only stifles you more . millions of people around the world are waiting for their coins - and you can not even post on your site. It just shows how bad your situation is. maybe you are no longer there, and you are in the middle of an escape somewhere. 
you are on the way to collapse...


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Re: No IGNIS yet, mistake or scam?
January 12, 2018, 12:25:33 pm

All owners of an NXT account (with NXT balance on it) have already received their airdrop on the corresponding ARDOR account on the new platform as Ignis.
So, if you don't own an NXT account with NXT balance the same is for the corresponding Ardor account.
Asks who own the key of the NXT account that contains the NXT balance you purchased to give you access to the corresponding Ignis that they have already received.
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Re: No IGNIS yet, mistake or scam?
January 12, 2018, 09:06:58 pm

To ramion:

I have already seen you write aggressive messages and now you're moving on to scam accusations and insults. First of all, a warning: if you keep posting insults and spreading FUD like this, you will be banned for violation of the Nxtforum rules and registration agreement.

And second, let's see if we can make some points clear, for good:

1) As robotron posted above, all the Nxt/Ardor accounts in the network received at launch (January 1) their coins from the airdrop. All of them, including the accounts controlled by exchanges like Bittrex. This means Bittrex has your IGNIS, if you were holding NXT in Bittrex at the snapshot time, December 28.
2) When and how Bittrex distributes the IGNIS they have to their users is THEIR responsibility. It is NOT the responsibility of the Nxt/Ardor developers, or the Nxt/Ardor community. So your insults and aggressivity are also completely misdirected.
3) We know from Bittrex that they acknowledge their delay in activating ARDR/IGNIS trading and distributing coins to their users, and that they are working on it. The delays have apparently been caused also by factors that have nothing to do with the Ardor network, such as recent issues with Ethereum blockchain, and upgrades due to the massive CPU bugs that were reported last week. But once again: It is up to THEM when to enable their service. Not in our hands or the Ardor developers hands. Actually, the Ardor developers are pressing daily and have answered during the first week of January all answers and requirements made by Bittrex. I honestly think that Jelurida has been doing everything reasonable to help.

So I suggest you to stop attacking the developers and the community at large, and if you need someone to be upset with, be upset with Bittrex. If you're unable to understand this, maybe you should learn a bit more about cryptocurrency platforms and how they work before investing any money in any of them.
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