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Author Topic: Leased forging and hallmarking a node at the same time  (Read 216 times)


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A question concerning hallmark and forging at the same time with different accounts:

I have two NXT accounts, let's call them account A and B. Account A has quite a large balance, good for forging; account B has less than 1000 NXT.

With the lease feature, I can lease the forging power from A to B. When my node with B runs permanently on a VPS, I can forge the large balance without having to run my node with A. This is correct so far?

So far so good.

Now I hallmarked my node with account A running on said VPS. Is this account A still eligible for the NXT lottery (supposed the properties are correctly set)?

In other words: Can I run my node on the VPS with account B with leased forging power from A and at the same time take part in the lottery using the hallmarked account A?


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I don't know. But it seems like a good idea. Forging requires you to enter your passphrase (which would then be in memory), leaving the account subject to possible hacking and theft of your crypto. But if you lease your balance to a second account with a small balance, you can forge without that risk. I think. Anyone have any insights on this?

Also, does anyone have an estimate on how much you could make by forging? If you have, say 10,000 ARDR, what's your return on investment per year for forging? 10% would be 2.7 ARDR per day.
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