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Author Topic: Leased forging and hallmarking a node at the same time  (Read 45 times)


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A question concerning hallmark and forging at the same time with different accounts:

I have two NXT accounts, let's call them account A and B. Account A has quite a large balance, good for forging; account B has less than 1000 NXT.

With the lease feature, I can lease the forging power from A to B. When my node with B runs permanently on a VPS, I can forge the large balance without having to run my node with A. This is correct so far?

So far so good.

Now I hallmarked my node with account A running on said VPS. Is this account A still eligible for the NXT lottery (supposed the properties are correctly set)?

In other words: Can I run my node on the VPS with account B with leased forging power from A and at the same time take part in the lottery using the hallmarked account A?
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