Help! All my NXT disappeared!
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Author Topic: Help! All my NXT disappeared!  (Read 1608 times)


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Help! All my NXT disappeared!
« on: October 08, 2014, 02:56:47 pm »

Don't panic! Most likely your NXT is still there, it just hasn't shown up in your software. You can still see your account balance through a block explorer like https://mynxt.info.

If the block explorers show your account balance correctly, check if it's due to these two reasons:

1) In Nxt, your passphrase is your account. If you logged in using an account passphrase (remember you need to click on the left login button to show the Key and switch to "Key" login mode!!) and you typed accidentally a different passphrase, even if it only differs in a blank space at the end, you'll end up in a different account. An unused account has 0 NXT, which could be what you're seeing. Check the account's address; if it's wrong, that means you mistyped your password. Log out and enter your passphrase again carefully. Also, make sure that you're not trying to log in with your passphrase while the Nxt Client login mode is in "Account".

2) It could also be that the blockchain hasn't finished downloading yet, wait until it's done. The blockchain is a record of all transactions made since the beginning of the Nxt network, and your account balance is calculated by totaling all the transactions into and out of your account. If it hasn't downloaded to the point of the first transaction into your account, that total will be 0. If it hasn't finished downloading completely, the total may not be up to date.

These are the most likely reasons, check them first. If the block explorer shows a balance you're not expecting, check your transaction history. Are there any NXT transfers out of your account that you didn't make? If there are, someone else accessed your account and took your NXT. Remember, your passphrase is your account. If you have a weak passphrase, someone will figure it out and take your NXT. Post about it in the helpdesk, the community may be able to help you trace it.
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