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Title: NRS v1.9.0e
Post by: Jean-Luc on June 19, 2016, 09:31:13 pm
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Release 1.9.0e



2d59806b1467c46b47c71d18c3696552001fc7068b1624bd2acbc916bc87486e  nxt-client-1.9.0e.zip



81c9a7233cf2584356e7dd84338dc199887999fcbfbf89bdaada15b19b5dfc34  nxt-client-1.9.0e.sh



The exe, dmg, and sh packages must have a digital signature by "Stichting NXT".

Change log:

This is an experimental release. It is a required update for all testnet nodes,
optional for main net.

This release enables taking multiple snapshots of accounts NXT balances, every
60 blocks, for a period of 90 days, and distributing an ARDR token based on the
average of those balances, at the end of the snapshot, to be used for the Ardor
consensus chain token distribution in Nxt 2.0.

On testnet, the snapshot will start at block 649400 and end at block 779000
(June 24).
On mainnet, the snapshot will start at block 870400 (expected July 14) and end
at block 1000000 (Oct 12).

Since on testnet the starting block is in the past, on upgrade to this release
a blockchain rescan will be performed automatically in order to calculate past
account balances. Those who delay upgrading their mainnet nodes until after
block 870400 will also experience such a rescan. However, the hard fork block
is set at the end of the snapshot, so the final deadline for upgrading to 1.9
is at blocks 779000 and 1000000 respectively.

To get your ARDR tokens, it is essential that you keep your NXT balance in your
own account. There is no need to run a node or forge. It is the confirmed NXT
balance that is used for the snapshot, not the unconfirmed (available) balance,
so having some NXT locked in open AE bid orders, shufflings, etc, will not
affect your ARDR distribution. For balances on exchange accounts, it will be up
to each exchange to handle the re-distribution of the ARDR tokens that will get
automatically sent to the exchange account at snapshot end.

A new getFxtQuantity API has been added, which allows retrieving the already
accumulated ARDR quantity for each account during the snapshot, and an estimate
for the quantity yet to be obtained. While snapshots are done every 60 blocks,
the numbers that this API returns are updated once every 720 blocks only.

Snapshot balances used for the ARDR distribution for a specific account can be
recorded in the log by setting the nxt.logFxtBalance property to that account
number, and performing a rescan if the snapshot has already started.

Added some additional transaction bytes validation, and phasing parameters
validation, to take effect after the hardfork.

Added getAssetDividends API, to retrieve the dividend payment history for an
asset. It can be viewed in the client by clicking on the new "View Asset
Dividends" link on the asset exchange page. Dividend payments made before a
node is updated to 1.9.0e will not show in this history, unless a blockchain
rescan is forced manually.

After the hardfork block, asset dividend payment transactions will be limited
to not more than one per asset every 60 blocks.

Added a new Messages table in the client UI. Allowed uploading a file as a
message attachment, plain or encrypted, and downloading such messages as files.
All create transaction APIs that support prunable message attachments now also
optionally accept multipart file uploads as messageFile or messageToEncryptFile
parameters, or when using client-side encrypted data the data part can also be
uploaded using encryptedMessageFile parameter. As the test API page does not
support multiple file upload parameters, upload buttons for those are not
currently available there.

Accept sharedKey parameter in downloadPrunableMessage and getPrunableMessage

Added client UI support for decrypting messages using a shared key, to allow
disclosing the shared key for a specific encrypted message to a third party in
order to decrypt it without having to reveal the account passphrase.

Forging optimization to reduce block skipping when switching forks.

Minor other bugfixes and UI improvements.

Updated H2 library to version 1.4.192, tika to 1.13, and slf4j to 1.7.21. If
installing manually, make sure to delete the old lib folder first.


Title: Re: NRS v1.9.0e
Post by: Riker on June 19, 2016, 10:07:48 pm
Don't waste your energy on this release just yet. We have to release 1.9.1e soon.
Title: Re: NRS v1.9.0e
Post by: apenzl on June 19, 2016, 10:45:13 pm