Request: see on market and let me know what do you feel if I were you
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Author Topic: Request: see on market and let me know what do you feel if I were you  (Read 1633 times)


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Dear Ardor, nxt, ignis,

I hope you find well my message.

Please every alt coin has kick their ass all the marketer, CEO, all of staff to get result, but look at the field market. Nxt so horrible, please re-set up again marketing plan and promotion, if you need I will help and I am considering about this situation. I know you have a great technology and developer but your sales is sucks. If you want make step up the game please let us know. All of this member is your supporters. Don't let them looking another option to abandon your project. And share it to us. Let us seperate the issues mouth to mouth. That's better then you just put in schedule event. And acctually I already see about some event you made BUT I don't see you company name put in as speaker. WHY? Are you dumb or something wrong with you? Please more details about what are you doing. So public can see your performance and credibility. Maybe it hurts for you all but we care you. Please pm me if you need assistance or looking a great staff for your project.

Best regards


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Re: Request: see on market and let me know what do you feel if I were you
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2018, 05:00:48 pm »

Hi  ;D
don't take into account the actual rates of ARDR and IGNIS because the exchanges have not yet opened the trading ... and what is this IDR?

the only marketing i see in action here is that practiced by small trading platforms that do not have a great reputation ... by integrating the first IGNIS and ARDR they try to capture the mass of people trapped in this bubble and their strategy works well for them
for example to pump you more money, instead of trading directly in BTC they force you to exchabge to their coin and you have to exchange again to BTC to withdraw... very smart...

I don't want to speculate now but I have reason to think that after the reinstatement of the deposit / withdrawal in the exchanges, the situation will be very interesting to follow ...