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Author Topic: Real democratic cryptocurrency  (Read 438 times)


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Real democratic cryptocurrency
July 20, 2016, 12:55:50 pm

hello all first please excuse me because my English is really bad lol !!!
I would like to share with the community the Fidelity Coin project that brings made a break in the world of cryptocurrency, thank you to write us an email for more information or even to offer your help on the project !! This is a project focusing on democracy with a strong emphasis on community so do not hesitate any contribution is welcome !!! unfortunately I was not able to insert pictures but the key is here.


FIDCOIN is a professional crypto currency decentralized and transparent transactions to levels that bring a new wind to the already pre-established realities in the world of money.

FIDCOIN is a currency that will connect customers and merchants, the buyers and sellers  create a framework of market where both sides win: it allows customers savings faires on purchases through reductions, and merchants to increase their turnover by an advantageous system of remuneration up to 10% the year under conditions. Our goal is therefore, from the creation of FIDCOIN to make a stable and strong currency benefit all levels.

The FIDCOIN is co-managed with the community through its institutions such as the Central Bank and the House of Representatives no decision is taken without the advice of the community and through democratic votes

We know that the price of FIDCOIN will be subject to market fluctuations conditioned by the law of supply and demand, therefore to reassure investors CENTRAL BANK will be established and will consist primarily of a member who shares in the FIDCOIN, they will be chosen by the house of representatives for a term of 2 years and will have to prove their ability in this position. FIDCOIN Central Bank will aim to anticipate inflation and to control their price volatility and allowing customers and merchants to have ease when transactions must be made. The central bank has the prerogative to use all the levers available to any question of economic or monetary policy provided that the community is made aware through the page of the Central Bank of FIDCOIN.

The House of Representatives consists of 50 seats will be responsible for setting the rules of FIDCOIN and enforce the constitution each member can be seized by the community or enter the community to pass a law. House representative members can not make monetary policy decision but can enter the community for validation so that the central bank could decide the question.

18.446.744.073 coins will be put into circulation. The amount of premine  (2%) will fund development activities, community and allow the central bank to act in the market if the need is felt. Our aim to make token stable once it is indexed to the euro or the dollar or even the yen.

Create a cryptocurrency economic exchange but not a cryptocurrency just to make speculation !!!

FIDCOIN’s users can, on each transaction request a reduction, and stores will allows this if they want to be admited by the FIDCOIN interest plan. A mobile app will be established for this purpose to allow users locate all nearby stores that accept FIDCOIN and able to notice each store based on their service delivery. This simply from the desire to create a market and all stakeholders are winners and the need to coordinate the important supply and demand


1-FIDCOIN offers solutions to find the perfect alchemy between supply and demand: no tokens will be produced and placed on the market if it does not find a direct buyer. This will be done by consensus with minor community to prevent excess liquidity in the market. To avoid liquidity on the FIDCOIN will launch with 8 decimal places and 270 FDC reward block, a maximum monthly production of 11,664,000 FDC corresponding to 0.0632% of the total production capacity

2- Involve the community of minors to the sustainable management of FIDCOIN, the goal is to reach a consensus and find common ground on the sales floor and ceiling for each fraction FIDCOIN which will allow us to have a good gift Action on inflation of the currency. Through the mining community we discuss each problem FIDCOIN to decide the number of internally FIDCOIN that must be sold or stored (several compensation mechanism are developed to date and will be announced to shareholders in share holder the FIDCOIN)

3- Mix the supply and demand: Our ambitious goal is to sell at least 50 to 60% of production, for this, we will create a rich framework for easy exchange and it will leave benefits that will be given to merchants who accept to be paid in FIDCOIN but also to customers who agree to pay FIDCOIN. Our goal is to reach before the launch of the currency at least 500 merchants in our network.

4- The establishment of a central bank with 5 seats and whose members will be appointed by the House of Representatives for a term of 2 years and will be responsible for defending FIDCOIN community. Currency or reserve outflows will have to pre be voted and approved by at least 3 members of the bank. (The conditions and regulations will be announced at the FIDCOINS community and validated at the latest one month before the official launch).

5- Develop continually and perpetually the product to make it more competitive: a development fund will be voted each year by central bank and representatives

6. Valuation of shareholders by providing added value to their investment.

7- FIDCOIN is also transparent monthly reports and made available to all.

8- Each spot for development or else will the bidding object that will be tendered to members of the community.

Everything about Central bank

Everything about house representative

The constitution of FIDCOIN


Development objective

• Finish the portfolio on Android LINUX; OS and WINDOWS/source code available

• Develop the block explorer/ source code block chain available

• Develop a website inter city asset-FIDCOIN/Almost done

• Create and animate the forum/Almost done

• Create and develop the central bank FIDCOIN

• Establish a chamber representatives

• Establish the foundation FIDCOIN

• FIDCOIN mining pool/Already done

·Translate all documents: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Turkish, Greek, Portuguese.

DATE OF LAUNCH December 1st, 2016

FidCoin is the cryptocurrency that gives you the power to decide !!!


-  Fidcoins assets are sold for 0.01bitcoin or 0.5ethereum


ETHEREUM ADRESSE : 0xD15b9B3476A387697Be0757b8b0B4Be8C3cDBd2E

Why to buy FIDCOIN actions?

- We pay you in cryptocurrency of your choice!

- each share give you 5% every three months

- you have access to our web portal and you can attend meetings and act as advisor

- You become a beta tester

- we give you 2000 free coins at the official launch of FIDCOIN

- you can decide to work with us and be paid.

For further information, please mail us at : fidcoinfoundation''at''bitrix24.com

Other Ways to Help

Some people just cannot contribute, or have not yet decided to engage with FIDCOIN as a useful implement for change. But you can still help us:

Share this campaign around you.

Join the FIDCOIN team and work with us please send us a mail on


Technologie : CRYPTONOTE

  Liquidity provider:    CRYPTOCAPITAL:.cryptocapital.co/

With precious help of forknote :


we're also write the FIDCOIN constitution, if you want to read this please let us know!!! ;)
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