NXT Community & Development Update CANCELLED For Today & Rescheduled. singapore
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Author Topic: NXT Community & Development Update CANCELLED For Today & Rescheduled.  (Read 610 times)

Tai Zen

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Hey guys,

1.  The NXT updates will be cancelled today.

2.  Due to our work schedules, Damelon and I are rescheduling the update date and times.  Orginally, we thought doing it during the weekend would be more ideal and get more people involved.  The metrics indicates it did not make a significant difference whether we do the updates on a weekday or a weekend.  The attendance rate is fairly the same.  The number of video views are also the same. We still get 200-300 views per video update:


3.  Instead of doing the updates 4 times/month we are moving to a new schedule where we do the updates twice a month.  So we will do the updates every other week now.  We are doing this for several reasons:

-- Our work schedules do not allow us to do the updates 4 times a month, we've tried to make it happen and it is putting too much stress on each of us where it becomes more of a burden then something we both enjoy doing.  Doing the updates every other week will allow us to enjoy promoting the nxt platform because it will not interfere with our personal and professional lives.

-- Initially, there were new nxt developments coming out each week so it made sense to update the community each week.  Nowadays, the developments take more time so we do not want to do an update full of "filler" content.  Doing it every other week will allow us to have more "quality" updates.  We prefer to have less updates but each of them are high quality.  We want outsiders and new investors to nxt to see us as a high quality content community.

-- We want more regularity and consistency in the updates.  It is unprofessional to keep rescheduling updates all the time.  The nxt community knows our commitment to promoting nxt so reschedules can be tolerated but new nxt adopters, investors, and businesses may misinterpret our inconsistent updates as being unprofessional.

-- We want to focus our updates more on the progress of the nxt community and it's platform development.  Recently, our updates have been about the contropolis hack or the bter theft or the graviton hack and we have decided that we want to focus more on the positive aspects of the nxt platform and it's community.  We want future updates to announce new developments in the nxt platform or the growth of the community.  In other words we want to spend more time on the positive aspects of the nxt platform and it's community.

4.  Therefore, our next community update will now be on the first an third sunday of each month.  This is not set in stone.  nxt is constantly evolving and we will try this new schedule to keep the community updated and continue to promote the nxt platform.

5.  The next updates will be on september 6th and 20th.

Tai Zen
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