[PRE-ANN] “1st Ever 100% Pure NXT-Powered ‘Cash Cow’ DAC? Why Not?!"
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Author Topic: [PRE-ANN] “1st Ever 100% Pure NXT-Powered ‘Cash Cow’ DAC? Why Not?!"  (Read 1295 times)


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“Try to close a proof of stake network like NXT. You close it in China, it will take users an hour to setup all nodes again in Hong Kong. There is no centralized lucrative target you can attack.”

- Lior Yaffe

A hearty hello to my fellow Nxrers!

After sifting through a mountain of Nxter FUD I was a bit overwhelmed… from countless complaints of Jelurida’s “corporate dog and pony show” antics and James (jl777) exiting out of NXT a few months back, to NXT falling prey to dirty little corporate politics, and the list goes on...

However, the rumors floating concerning what will happen when Lior Yaffe [Riker] retires or passes definitely take the cake for the 2018 Nxter FUD Crud Award… NXT support would come to a grinding halt, NXT would be sentenced to the equivalent of ‘Blockchain Death Row’... ad nauseam.

Which brings us to the real question concerning NXT’s destiny: :o

Is It Gonna Be NXT “To The Moon!

Or… Just Another “Blockchain Buffoon”???

Historically speaking, NXT is SO grossly underrated that it has yet to experience a genuine popularity breakout; whereby people just start flocking to NXT by the droves (in terms of wide-scale enthusiasm, excitement, and adoption like we’re seeing with Etherium).

And yet...

“Ethereum has been subject to multiple severe security breaches that have wiped out investor’s savings. NXT has been operational since 2013, and there has been no security incidents since then. Furthermore, the blockchain is a lot more stable despite the lower capitalization.”

- Investing.com

And now that mainstream crypto awareness is finally starting to kick in for real… there has literally never been a better time than Right Now to send NXT skyrocketing on CoinMarketCap!

Moreover, the NXT Community simply deserves to pamper itself in luxury with a rapidly scalable Community-owned & operated multiple income stream “blockchain co-op” of sorts.

However, the one thing missing is an share-worthy Event that stirs people’s emotions and really gets them exited about NXT (i.e. on a “viral marketing pandemic” levell to the extent that they can’t help but brag about NXTs uber-sexy awesomeness all over the web)… that is, until now!

Sometimes referred to as a “Decentralized Autonomous Organization”, a Decentralized Autonomous Company (DAC) is a highly autonomous smart contract/blockchain-based revenue model. At the heart of a Nexter-centric DAC are three core Blockchain Values, in no particular order of importance:
  • Decentralization/general consensus,
  • Multiple blockchain-secured income streams for its Asset HODL’ers,
  • And digital autonomy to the greatest degree possible (via the NXT API).
The proposed Nxter DAC (aka “N-DAC”) seeks to deploy the highest degree of provably fair NXT platform automation realistically possible.

And in conjunction with a few other highly lucrative blockchain technologies and API’s… this mad-hot little N-DAC could turbo-scale (in terms of Asset HODL’er profitability). It also aims to flamboyantly showcase NXT’s powerfully robust features nestled deep inside its API; whereby also removing the greatest amount of “trust factor” possible.

[Editor Note: In a colony-like fashion, humans will still need to carry out certain core bounty-based functions (i.e. creating digitally deliverable crypto-friendly goods, product quality control, et al)... albeit trust will always be delegated to the blockchain to the greatest degree possible.]

Admittedly I am not a coder/programmer… not even a little bit. :o My strengths are in copywriting, digital product creation, and web-based project/content management.  8) So before I can continue divulging the tender-juicy Nxter DAC details,,, I must first ask a couple of:

Highly Relevant NXT API Questions

I’d be mighty grateful if a Nxter who’s intimately familiar with the NXT API could help clarify the crucial details minus the coder lingo.

Q: Can the NXT API be set up in such a way as to have fully-automated scheduled dividends occur at certain block heights if/when the NXT balance in the Asset Issuer wallet is greater than the pre-defined minimum threshold?

Case-Use Example: Every 1440 blocks forged, it checks the NXT balance in the Asset Issuer wallet. If balance > 1001 NXT, then it issues a dividend; if balance =/< 1001 NXT, then it waits another 1440 blocks, while the wallet continues forging away.

Q: Also, Can the API be set up in such a way as to additionally have scheduled MS token dividends occur at certain pre-defined time intervals (i.e. certain holidays), whereby also triggered by a minimum threshold-crossover event?

Well boys and girls... this thread’s about to start bursting with all kinds of financially pleasurable thrills and excitement (once I know the feasibility of the above two questions).

So Do Yourself A Rock-Solid:
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