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Author Topic: Visit The MoorCoin Digital Booth Tomorrow!  (Read 995 times)


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Visit The MoorCoin Digital Booth Tomorrow!
« on: April 10, 2015, 01:25:51 am »

MoorCoin Digital will set up tomorrow at the Mind The Gap http://www.mindthegapexpo.com/ expo!

MoorCoin Digital reached out to Andrew Beal, an Attorney at Crowley Strategy and speaker at the Mind the Gap expo about our project last Friday and he gave us some key pointers.... pointers regarding the legality of terms used on NXT™ and with "products" available on the NXT™ Asset Exchange.

We've removed the word asset, dividends and stock and replaced them with products, NXT coin rewards and reward points holders.

We recommend not using the above words to avoid the legal issue (and we're sure Andrew will discuss this tomorrow). To update everyone (because we have been quiet on our child board;

  • Our Moorcoin "asset" has changed to the Moorcoins reward points.
  • Starting in June, Moorcoins Reward Point holders will receive NXT Coins on a monthly basis as a thank you for being a part of our program.
  • The program will be funded for by the products MoorCoin Digital have invested in on the NXT™ Asset Exchange
  • Additional NXT Coin reward opportunities may come to fruition in the future based on products MoorCoin Digital releases.
  • The MoorA coin pre-sale will take place on the NXT™ Asset Exchange. 40,001 NXTMoorA were made available on the Asset Exchange this afternoon at a 20% discounted rate.
  • The MoorA coin will use the pre-sale to build the monetary foundation of the coin. The MoorA coin will be available for pre-sale for $8 USD and will always be backed by its original pre-sale funds in USD or an commodity of equivalent or higher value.
  • Once the MoorA coin/NXTMoorA pre-sale is complete, the MoorA coin will be available on the NXT™ Asset Exchange via the Multigateway with the option of being on another digital exchange.
  • MoorCoin Digital previously reached out to local businesses and on Monday April 13th, will be releasing the “Take The NXT™ Step” program.
  • This program is designed to take businesses unfamiliar with the digital currency world and introduce them to it via NXT. The program will bring great notoriety to the NXT™ Asset Exchange, along with an influx of funds and new users.
  • Each business involved in the “Take The NXT™ Step” program will offer NXT coin payments to their reward points supporters to show their appreciation for their support.
  • MoorCoin Digital will be awarded a percentage of the available reward points from the businesses they’ve brought in to the program to kick start the cycle of money between businesses and consumers.
  • For an in-depth look at the “Take The NXT™ Step” program, a forum post will be made available next week.
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