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Author Topic: Monetary System documentation  (Read 58055 times)


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Re: Monetary System documentation
« Reply #140 on: January 14, 2015, 06:14:29 am »

I agree it's confusing, we implemented it this way to prevent rounding problems caused by division. Its possible to change this but needs some design, in principal I'd like to leave it as is. Currency issuers should know what they are doing.
Issues of this class are familiar to me, though technical limitations should not be a user's problem, especially when they don't require any internal changes of established rules, just the UI. It's pretty easy to make a JS check for bad rounding and tell user to change their pledge with a brief technical explanation of why it's important. Of course, issuing a currency isn't a daily task and kinda "for geeks" even among geeks but this exact feature is meant for crowdfunding which is targeted for mass audience and so should be as easy for them as possible. I doubt kickstarter would lift off if they would require dividing the target amount by your pledge by hand and entering the result to a pledge field. It's weird.
Initial Supply is your pre-mine
(Reserve Supply - Initial Supply) is the crowd funding amount
(Total Supply - Reserve Supply) is the amount left for minters to mint
This makes sense, it should be therefore mentioned in the wiki. For now it states that the reserve should be explicitly equal to total supply without exceptions.
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