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Author Topic: MegaLotto (The Project)  (Read 10039 times)


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MegaLotto (The Project)
« on: July 22, 2014, 06:45:03 pm »

MegaLotto is a project to create Crypto-Lotteries about coins have Asset Exchanges.  The first Lottery will be NXT Lottery (MegaNXT).

The Mission is:

1.- Help to redistribute coins and their use.
2.- Increasing demand for coins.
3.- Promote the coins.
4.- Testing the crowdfunding power of coins communities.

The Core of the project are several components of software to do some automatic processes:

1.- Issue the Assets of the Lottery Tickets every 5’000 blocks (MegaNXT001, MegaNXT002, etc).
2.- Webpage to see the Tickets that one NXT account has to participate the next draw.
3.- Pay system after draw to the winners NXT accounts.

The project has been divided in 1’000’000 shares and can to be purchased on the NXT Asset Exchange.  Remember that 20% of proceeds of every weekly lottery draws under MegaLotto Project are shared between MegaLotto owners.   At the beginning MegaNXT will be the only weekly draw, but in the future there may be other coins draws too.

The first 100’000 shares will be the Jackpot of the first draw of MegaNXT, so the draws will start when those first 100’000 shares had been sold. 

The price of these first 100’000 is 1 NXT/Share.
The next 200’000 shares price from owner is 5 NXT/Share.
The next 200’000 shares price from owner is 10 NXT/Share.
The funds obtained from the shares sales will be crowdfunding to support the MegaLotto crypto-lotteries project.

To buy MegaLotto Assets:

Asset Name: MegaLotto
Asset ID: 15134071718475327250
Account: NXT-YM97-Y7R7-VGJN-9WDCH

Need your support to launch the first draw of MegaNXT!!!
(We need to sell 100'000 MegaLotto Assets to start)

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Re: MegaLotto (The Project)
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2014, 04:42:41 pm »

Have you thought about joining James' PrivateBet to get more exposure?  - https://nxtforum.org/job-board/'know-how'-for-sale-safe-instant-betting-a-la-satoshidice/msg95673/#msg95673
If you are a casino game vendor, we can do some deal. PM me with what game you have, preferably with screenshots. and we can see about whether to make a shared asset with Privatebet. So I am seeing assets like instaPoker, instaTBD, ... that is encapsulating a single genre of game, owned between Privatebet and whoever is coding the GUI and game logic. I know I am lazy about this and I only implement the easy stuff, but at least I can offer SuperNET crossmarketing, so I hope for the strongest applicants.

Btw, your lottery can be automated once we have Smart Contract or AT. There is a case study.
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