NXT go to the STREET with STREETBONUS and Encounter
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Author Topic: NXT go to the STREET with STREETBONUS and Encounter  (Read 1521 times)


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NXT go to the STREET with STREETBONUS and Encounter
« on: November 22, 2014, 09:11:17 am »

Hello everyone, my name is Max Pavlov. I am one of the organizers and founders Encounter startup.  Encounter is an international network of active urban games.

And now I'm interested in possibility of integration сryptocurrency in our game model. I believe that the most promising сryptocurrency is NXT and it is most appropriate for our next project.

More about Encounter: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Encounter_%28game%29

So, I present to you ...

Awesome video



How it works:

Every hour on the wallet automatically receives funds from advertiser. The amount of treasure increases until someone uses qr code. Through this link receives a small amount of coins. He will take the treasure, and run to the next target.

People like Sonic, will collect NXT treasure traveling the corners of the city. Its Transreality gaming - future, which could become a reality by joint efforts of our communities.
Оrganization of such games is very good chance to get into the local news channels.

Outdoor advertising - the next step to conquer the world with NXT.
On this basis we can build microeconomic models:
advertising coins, advertising space on the map, advertising services and all this while when people play with their community. Help us with the realization of the project. We will place such advertising and can attract a variety of services such as snack bars, restaurants, street vendors in London, Moscow, New York, Minsk. Such advertising is beneficial to restaurants and coffee shops. After all, one gets a freebie, and the other people will pay. Nothing is attracted as a freebie. In addition, people will learn to use NXT. Working rule: more people - higher the cost. Together with our community сryptocurrency can break through into the real world.

To write application for this game model we need your donation. Members of community and attracted new users will download the application, see the ads on it and provide the rising cost of NXT. Full report on donations I'll post in this thread. I believe that together we can raise our movement to the next level.

Please, donation save my life