New marketing team members at Jelurida: the first stone placed singapore
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Author Topic: New marketing team members at Jelurida: the first stone placed  (Read 2177 times)


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Hello, Community Members.

For those who don't know me by this handle (@verotor), I am Veronica. Although I am not about titles, I would like to introduce myself as the Head of Marketing and BizDev at Jelurida, and I am glad to announce this new Marketing forum.

The goal of this forum is to keep the community updated. I honestly didn't want to start it until I was confident enough that our team would be able to keep it up-to-date. But now, here it is, and this post will explain partly the why. Today I would like to update you on the new marketing team members.
This was already posted in the Ardornxt Slack a couple of days ago.

This is the second week that we are posting regularly and consistently to all our social media channels for all the Jelurida brands; Ardor, Ignis, and Nxt. We are posting to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Telegram and are already seeing excellent community engagement, and as usual, appreciate everyone who joins the conversation.

Milestones achieved:

We went from nothing structured nor consistent to at least one quality piece of content a day in every channel. And, more importantly, we have build an operational process that allows us to improve our social media content strategy incrementally.

So, I am glad to introduce the great people behind the curtains that are making this possible.

Jesse Seaver, Content Advisor
@JesseSeaver in slack, http://www.jesseseaver.com

Jesse is a professional copywriter, and blockchain tech writer with over ten years of experience as a columnist for The Huffington Post, and has gone on assignment for National Geographic.  He is collaborating with us as a Content Advisor and is working to create a new content strategy for Jelurida that brings the family of brands together in a cohesive way. This will include creating a common ‘voice’ for all social media outlets and acting as an editor for all public messaging.  (E.g. All Lior’s Medium articles have been edited and reviewed and will be individually updated - as some members suggested.)

Adedayo Adebajo, Support and Community Management Specialist
@Over_watchtower in slack, and @Watch.Tower in this forum, http://www.linkedin.com/in/adebajo-adedayo-61b908b9

Adedayo is a natural optimistic idealist who naturally sees several creative ways out of every obstacle. Adedayo is now our Support specialist focusing on community management as well as the voice at the @ArdorPlatform and  @NxtCommunity Twitter accounts. Adedayo has previous experience at Poloniex, dealing with user requests and has an impressive capacity to bring any conversation over to a positive and educational note.

After several weeks already working with them, I can say that I really enjoy and look forward to working more with these two great minds.

A warm welcome to Jesse and Adedayo to these key roles that will start giving our brands a consistent and permanent voice on the top of all the effort of our community. Please, do not stop posting out there, and let’s support our new guys as much as we can.

Here is to the first stone placed,

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