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Title: Help Newbie recover "lost" NXT
Post by: Bill-in-PA on July 24, 2016, 07:52:12 pm
Hello, I made a newbie mistake when I upgraded to 1.9.2 by inadvertently creating a second account by logging in with my supposed known passphrase.  I now have 21K NXT locked into an account that I cannot access.  If anyone would like to try to brute force this account to unlock, you will be welcome to all or part of the locked funds.  I would rather see someone have the coins than to keep them in limbo and have to look at the amount in the account that i cannot access.  Keep the funds or share them with me, whatever you decide if you can unlock.  I have tried the typo tool for hours.   If you are interested, contact me and I can give you more specifics.  Thanks in advance.  It was suggested that I post this in the Jobs board by a member of the helpdesk. 
Title: Re: Help Newbie recover "lost" NXT
Post by: VanBreuk on July 24, 2016, 10:24:18 pm
Hello Bill-in-PA,

bruteforcing a Nxt account if it was created with a strong passphrase (at least as strong as the passphrases generated with the client) without having any information about the passphrase is virtually impossible.

But if you can recall the sequence of steps you followed, maybe we can figure something out. Perhaps I can help, if you want contact me by PM and we'll see what can be done.