[JAVA] DEVELOPERS WANTED. Constant demand to continue to speed up development singapore
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Author Topic: [JAVA] DEVELOPERS WANTED. Constant demand to continue to speed up development  (Read 13799 times)


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Do you know Java? Want to work on an exciting, new kind of software? Want to work on your own schedule? Helping develop NXT may be a perfect fit for you!

Nxt is looking for experienced server-side Java developers to work on the Nxt server code to help create ground-breaking cryptocurrency software.

Required skill set:

  • The main requirement is that you are a very good core Java developer. The Nxt architecture is currently very simple and does not depend on too many external libraries and frameworks, so experience with specific tools or libraries isn’t necessary.
  • We currently use the Jetty servlet engine, the H2 database, and the JSON-simple library, but no prior experience with any of those is required.
  • What we do need is the ability to write clean, well-designed code, deep understanding of the core Java language, experience in developing server-side applications, with particular attention to performance and concurrency issues.
  • Good familiarity with the basic principles of object-oriented programming and the most common design patterns is expected.
  • Nxt uses a relational database backend, so it is important that you have experience with, and good understanding of RDBMS, JDBC and SQL. We use the http protocol for peer to peer networking, and for the http API of the Nxt server, so familiarity with servlets and the http protocol is expected.
  • Prior Blockchain/financial  experience with cryptocurrencies and cryptography will be helpful but is not required.

All are welcome. A short screening process with help determine where you will fit in a growing team of dedicated developers.

Please PM ChuckOne on this forum or post below for further details. Thanks ;D

If you are curious, open issues can be viewed here > https://bitbucket.org/JeanLucPicard/nxt/issues?status=new&status=open
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