[Hiring] Game Developers C++ or Java
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Author Topic: [Hiring] Game Developers C++ or Java  (Read 2378 times)


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[Hiring] Game Developers C++ or Java
« on: June 01, 2014, 10:03:38 am »

D.O.R.C.S. is looking for Game Developers for our upcoming game "Lith"!
Lith is an upcoming MMO, that utilises the possibilities of the Nxt blockchain and aims to be the first sandbox MMO that bridges the gap from game economy to real economy.

You can find the game board here: https://nxtforum.org/lith-the-nxt-mmo/

We are looking for people with at least the following qualifications:

1. Dev experience in C#, C++ or Java or Unity
2. Preferrably able to show a completed project that is related to games

After succesful application, you will be invited to interview with our two lead developers.

This is a paid position (to be negotiated), which also comes with a developers share package in our company.

For more information, or for an application, send a PM to chanc3r or Pandaisftw on these forums.
For general information, you can send a PM to Damelon (that's me).
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