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Latest Nxt 1.11.13 - NEW RELEASE: Ardor 2.0.14 - The Ardor genesis block happened at 0:00 January 1st

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 on: May 20, 2018, 03:01:01 pm 
Started by inneedofNXT - Last post by inneedofNXT

 I'm glad to announce that finally we added AUTO mode on Roulette :)

 It works a little different from the Balls or Dice auto, therefore I would suggest you to test it with your LUCKY-tokens before playing on real money.

 You will find that each bet you placed on the same grid on Red/Odd/19-36/Single number and etc. are independent from each other.
 For example we bet 1 LUCKY on Red and 1 LUCKY on Black with 100% increment on loss. If Red wins - the amount you placed on Black will increase while the Red bet will stay unchanged.
 Also the Reverse Bet option is something different, then you may saw before.
 There are some variations when Reverse Bet option is enabled
 1. Bet on 1-18 will change to 19-36
 2. Bet on Even will change to Odd
 3. Bet on Black will change to Red
 4. Bet on 1st 12 will change to 2nd 12
 5. Bet on 2nd 12 will change to 3rd 12
 6. Bet on 3rd 12 will change to 1st 12
 7. Bet on number 3 will change to number 15
 8. Bet on number 6 will change to number 18
 and so on...

 Zero number is irreversible.

Also the roulette design was a little refreshed. I hope you'll like it :)
 And finally, there are some changes in Roulette and Balls Jackpot rules:

 Hit the bet in which the last 6 digits of ID will be equal to the last 6 digits of Result Number
 Best of luck playing :)

 on: May 20, 2018, 07:31:53 am 
Started by freemarket - Last post by Sebastien256
In 2016, only ARDR was airdrop to NXT holders. That it is.

 on: May 20, 2018, 04:41:48 am 
Started by freemarket - Last post by freemarket
Hi all,

Does anyone know what airdrops or coins were given for NXT and ARDR in 2016? I know that ARDR was airdropped to NXT holders in 2016, but were there any other coins that were also airdropped to NXT holders? Were there any other coins that were airdropped to ARDR holders in 2016?

Also, is there any website that offers a historical record of what coins were airdropped for each cryptocurrency?

Thanks for the insight!

 on: May 20, 2018, 12:17:34 am 
Started by marenkar - Last post by gdusil

Announcing New Roadmap for 2018 ▲ Adel Ecosystem
We are thrilled to announce Adel’s new roadmap for 2018! The roadmap displays Adel’s exciting plans for 2018. This includes updates on our plans with Siesta Cloud, EPiC, iFin and Adel Phase II. The roadmap also patterns out progress on our Project, Market and Collaboration Modules for the community portal. Watch this space for more details. Adel’s 2018 is going to be great!

Evolution in Crypto by Gabriel Dusil ▲ Decentralised Exchanges

Crypto is evolving, and a big part of the evolution are decentralised exchanges. Gabriel Dusil has written an incredibly informative article which discusses how decentralised exchanges are becoming more common and what it can bring to the crypto industry. Check out the article featured on Blockchain Technology News here:

CoinRanker ▲ ADL
We are now listed on Coin Ranker. CoinRanker is a tracker that overviews the market very well with real-time coin prices,market cap and charts. There is a nice aesthetic to this tracker so keep updated on ADL at all times with this link:

Thank you ▲ Adel Community
Your voice matters. Thank you for helping us to grow the Adel community with your valuable feedback, questions and helping us to cultivate new members in the public Slack channel. Your participation and collaboration spreads value across the Adel network and beyond. Please kindly take a few moments to share your favorite update from today on your social networks and as always, we look forward to connecting with you personally, across our channels!
• LinkedIn ▲ https://www.linkedin.com/company/adelphoi
• Facebook ▲ https://www.facebook.com/Adelphoi.io
• Slideshare ▲ https://www.slideshare.net/gdusil

 on: May 18, 2018, 11:43:03 pm 
Started by Cassius - Last post by Cassius
Hey cassius, any news about the transfer?

I really don't check in here very often any more, so sorry for the delay.
I don't have any further information about this. I'll keep raising it as I get the opportunity. Unfortunately at this point that's all I can offer.

 on: May 18, 2018, 12:39:59 pm 
Started by napdude - Last post by napdude
This is brainstorming...

If we could crack this nut, then i think ardor would stand a good chance of being one of the major decentralized exchanges of choice :

A secure way to do a ardor chain or asset that tracks an external chain or token, similar to tether and aeur, but entirely decentralized with no trusted parties.

in a centralized system a user would send bitcoins to the trusted entity and only the trusted entity could send them back, trusted entity then release the assets in the same amounts as bitcoins were locked.
To get the locked btc back, someone would have to send assets to the trusted entity who would then remove the assets from circulation and send the bitcoins on the btc chain.

how on earth can we do a similar thing with no trusted party, only decentralized transactions?

i think we should try to think up and discuss various models and solutions and perhaps brainstorm something that might work.

solution A

proven reserves :

imagine a transaction along these lines :
decentralized banker : i have N BTC locked into this bitcoin address and i can prove it because i can sign a transaction on the btc network from same private key (or something along those lines)
decentralized banker : hi ardor network, i would like to be a reserve banker with my BTC. commence staking pls!
ardor decentralized network : hi decentralized banker.  We have added N/2 ABTC to our supply. We will monitor your BTC address and if funds go out from that address, we'll remove N/2 of them from supply.
decentralized banker : woweee! now my BTC are backing ABTC 200%. I now earn ABTC from  ABTC fees, it's like i'm forging bitcoin

something derived from above might possibly work if we get parameters right.  a way to get ABTC out of circulation must exist, perhaps the decentralized system will have to buy them on the asset exchange, setting a price that is (for instance) a percent lower than CMC average. To get ABTC into circulation the decentralized system could put ABTC up for sale at 1% over CMC average. The CMC average could be establised by prior blocks.

incentives : banker gets the opportunity for making ABTC staking profits from his BTC!
ardor network will make more fees overall so ardor ecosystem would like the setup
the decentralized abtc system would have its own abtc acct and ardor acct , holding trading profits,  unbacked ABTC (cannot be sold), backed ABTC (for sale)

solution B

cross chain stuff :

another soltion could be decentralized cross chain transactions. This is probably easier for the users to understand, but might be hard to implement.
if btc can be somehow programmed it might be possible for someone to lock in btc in the btc blockchain so that only the decentralized ardor network can unlock again. This would be a very elegant solution, however, i am not sure how to go about it tecnically. perhaps the decentralized ardor network could somehow have parts of the btc key but no ardor node itself (and certanly not the banker) could know what the key is.

investigate existing cross chain solutions for inspiration
it would probably be more trivial to create a cross chain solution for etherum as eth is programmable
main problems would likely be to ensure that both chains agree on state and that forks cannot be used to lure the other chain into freeing coins. (you could get the transaction and replay on the main fork)

solution C

decentralized exchange accounts:

ardor users simply "create" a btc account on the decentralized ardor network and somehow "funds" the account.
no single node can spend the btc accounts, but the decentralized network in unison can - so when users make a withdrawal, the ardor decentralied network send some BTC to the user from earlier deposits.

this would work exactly as a centralized solution and the user experience would be very similar to centralized exchanges

however, how do we manage to make sure no node can know how to spend btc from the ardor chain acct, yet still, when a user withdraw, the ardor decentralized network will have to figure the btc key and  do a btc transaction - how do we make sure the node forging the ardor block does not spend the btc to someone else than the person making the withdrawal? remember withdraws might have to be from funds not deposited by that user.

i'm wondering if perhaps some of the technology used by lightning network might solve some of the outstanding problems.

this might possibly work :

In any case, perhaps the first thing to architect would be a two-way cross chain system that enabled people to send eth to a smart contract on etherum network and that would end up as AETH on an ardor AETH child chain. 

And of course the other way around too.   we'd need a smart contract on ETH with a lot of user ETH in it, and a smart contract on ardor that had a lot of AETH in it, all fully backed by the ether contract (only way the AETH gets into existance is depoists to the ether contract, and only way AETH go away is AETH deposits to he ardor contract)

so user deposits ETH to the ETH smart contract, and after some confirms his ardor AETH acct is credited with those funds, ex fees.
and user can depoist AETH to the ardor smart contract and after some confirms his ETH address gets credited with ETH

basically people forging the eth to ardor bridge would have to have both eth and ardor nodes running.
once that worked fine we could do more ardor child chains that was linked to other smart contract currencies.  That would enable holders of e.g. ETH to trade on the ardor decentralized exchange

 on: May 18, 2018, 02:22:57 am 
Started by fz - Last post by fz
All donations can be withdrawn. If you are not satisfied with our work, you may ask to withdraw your donation.

 on: May 18, 2018, 01:57:03 am 
Started by fz - Last post by fz
Hello NXT supporter

We want to set up an NXT Chinese website to promote NXT technology in China.But unfortunately, we don't have enough money, so we hope the NXT supporters can help us.

We hope that NXT can set up a global ecosystem, and only English websites are not enough. Now we have technicians who can help us build NXT Chinese website.

Although NXT is at a low point, all NXT supporters continue to promote NXT technology. The NXT technology is very great, the value of NXT is completely underestimated, and I believe the market will give NXT a reasonable price in the future.

All NXT supporters please help us to set up NXT Chinese website.We jointly set up the NXT global ecosystem.If someone wants to build another language NXT web site to promote NXT technology, please leave a message here and let me see you, you are not a lonely Nxter.

This is the NXT forge pool account. If there are NXT supporters who want to help us, please send NXT to the following address.


If there is any money left, we will help NXT supporters build NXT web sites in other languages.

Please trust us

 on: May 17, 2018, 03:49:26 pm 
Started by goodrain - Last post by goodrain
Hello everyone:

Freebird 2.0 is now available. In order to promote this decentralized microblog system, we launched dividends and active user rewards.

1. Dividends
All FBC (IGNIS asset:10901629157658360185) holders will receive 1% dividend every week. We have prepared 80,000,000 FBC for dividends.

2. Active user rewards
Every week, we will select up to 50 active users to send FBC rewards. Active users are those who publish messages on FreeBird 2.0. We have prepared 20,000,000 FBC for rewards.

The above activities will take effect from today until the end of the rewards.

 on: May 17, 2018, 11:41:14 am 
Started by Right.Here - Last post by Sebastien256
no airdrop


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