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Nxt Mobile / Nxt Mobile features and discussions
« on: March 28, 2015, 05:29:35 pm »

Now that we have child board in Nxt Projects.
This topic is for feature requests, discussion, bug reports etc.

https://nxtforum.org/index.php?topic=8604.0;all main thread will be moved here, I hope!

So let's start...

Do you want to see Nxt Arbitrary Messages in Nxt Mobile?
Right now, version 1.0.3, doesn't send secretphrase off the phone, transactions signed locally, but including AM I believe will require to send secretPhrase to the node to encrypt and decrypt.

Nxt Mobile / [ANN] Nxt Mobile (Android, iOS, WinPhone)
« on: March 15, 2015, 01:51:25 am »
Hello everyone,

You want to take Nxt with you wherever you are.
Introducing Nxt Mobile - trustless smartphone application.
Mobility is already here...

Android, iOS, WinPhone (Blackberry in future, if there is a need)

Android version is up for testing and using. Go ahead and check it out.
iOS and WinPhone version will be published soon after few testings.
Project is open source and source code will be available right after iOS, WinPhone versions are up.


* transactions signed locally
* send nxt
* assets details
* asset exchange operations (place bid/ask)
* transactions details
* request payment
* multiple account management
* generate and scan QR codes
* more
* use with your trusted node for extra security, but be ensured secret phrase never sent to server only used to generate and sign transactions locally, node gets only broadcasted bytes. Default node jnxt.org:7876/nxt, you can easily change it from settings.

Due to large number of assets available, assets page could be lagging.
But I am working on that.

App does not require any special permission to run.
* Camera taking picture and video (used for QR scan)
* full network connection (to connect)

Google Playstore 4.68 MB
Amazon Appstore 4.68 MB

version 1.0.5
Android app(5).apk file. 4.68 MB
iOS app.ipa file. 5.05 MB

version 1.0.4
Android app(4).apk file. 4.75 MB

It is free to download and use!

If you have smartphone and would like to contribute for testing, please contact me.
I will provide debug version so we can test and find some bugs. Android (*.apk) and WinPhone (*.xap) versions available to download and test. iOS version requires key to sign app.

Thanks Damelon and chanc3r, Jones for valuable suggestions.
Thank you guys for your contribution.

to support project please donate: NXT-CH27-27YX-BW5Z-D9GUY

This Project has been discontinued

Update Clienxt GUI

version 0.0.8 [codename] infinity

* migrate accounts data from JCDatabase to h2 Database, same as Nxt.
* you can change default network Testnet and Mainnet from Settings Menu!
* Phase II. Accounts. Instead of MD5 used SHA256, below more details about security measures. If user choose to encrypt secretPhrase of account, it will start forging when GUI is started.
* support for Curve encryption of AM, all messages now encrypted and can only be read by Sender and Recipient.
* Arbitrary Messages window separated, for easy use.
* Proxy connections set up, detect or set manually from Preference Menu. (using TOR and other proxies should be easier)
* replaced some more HTTP APIs with Java APIs
* table content clipboard copy and easy access (transactions, messages tables)

Phase III (Accounts)
.for now Send window still has *bulk send* feature with attached messages and this feature will be re-evaluated and be available optional.
.slow migration from use of secretPhrases to use of only 1 Master Password (PIN code), for every operation. Keep use of secretPhrases optional and improve fluidity between secretPhrase and Master Password.
.some other features and improvements on GUI.

notes on security:
first time user will be asked to make master Password which can be changed later on from the settings.
Master password encrypted using SHA256 and kept as Java Preference. When user generates new account, software will ask to enter master Password. SecretPhrase of auto-generated account is generated using SecureRandom function with length 15+random.nextInt(240), using lower, upper, number, special characters. It is then saved to the h2 database using AES(masterPassword, SecretPhrase).
resetting/deleting user preference data, will automatically empty database. It is advised to keep database safe and not forget masterPassword. hope is to make it easier for user by only asking him to remember one password and one click generate new account with secure secretPhrase.


Simply unzip archive and

- Windows users - double click Clienxt.jar and enjoy
- Linux&Mac users - in terminal ./Clienxt.run & and enjoy


account window has above buttons, "add" existing account, "generate" new account, "watch" other accounts, "remove" accounts, "update" balance, start "forge" if secretphrase is not encrypted and saved, get "secretPhrase" of generated or saved account, generate "QR code" for accountId, generate "Token".

database, latest block and peers log.

messaging, if message is not encrypted it will be shown in message content field after selection. if it is encrypted, click "Decrypt" read message.
it will ask masterPassword, if secretPhrase is not saved then secretPhrase to decrypt message.

setting up master password, default values and connection if proxy exist.
report feature requests, bugs https://bitbucket.org/fmiboy/clienxt/issues?status=new&status=open

Appreciate any kind of support!
Translators are very much welcome to contribute.
if you like the effort and the changes, please consider donating: 13792774143018875909

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