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Pub crawl / need help with a game survey
« on: July 29, 2017, 06:04:42 pm »
Hi guys

I am working on creating a mobile card collection game and I would like too see what people think about the first set of cards.
Could you please do the survey here:

Thank you!!

This is the BTC Venue http://www.bitfin.com/

Are there Nxt-iers in the BTC Conference in Dublin today and tomorrow?

Assets Board / [ANN]HumptyFX - FOREX Bot Shares
« on: June 06, 2014, 11:03:37 am »
Hi All,

I tried to be involved in NXT in the very early days of its development but then I got dragged in my daily tasks and slowed down my involvement in NXT, however I never stopped following everything that happens in NXT.
I am sure there should be people in the NXT community that probably might vouch for me. OK, enough introduction!

We have been working on a forex trading bot for the last year. It's development started in April 2013. I have been interested in forex trading for longer time but never took it seriously as I was involved in developing other software products and never got time to do something on this area.

Now about the robot.
We can not reveal its strategy to the open public, all we can say is that it analyses and copies top forex traders/signals around the globe using web scraping technologies to get a lot of data about their trades. The system then analyses it and takes a decision what to do.
We have set up real money accounts to be shown to the public. They dont have too much capital in them and their sole purpose is to show the bot performance.
The bot name is HumptyFX.

This is an account that started trading with Humpty logic on 07/01/2014 with €1000

This is an account that started trading with Humpty logic on 07 of Feb 2014 with $6034. For some reason myfxbook has an issue and is not refreshing the new data. We are working with them on fixing it.

Here you can see a back test for 2012-2013
The back test is done by downloading the rates on EURUSD and GBPUSD for 1 min candles and downloading the trades and decisions done by our top traders. After we put this data in a database we run tests to try back test our logic.
Disclaimer: Back tests are not guarantee for future performance. They give indication of eventual expectation.

Our expectations of Humpty is to have 6% monthly return and if the accumulated balance is kept in the bot it should have 100% annual return.
Disclaimer: Leveraged products are high risk and a leveraged account can lose all the capital in it.

Our proposal to the NXT community:

We have issued asset 4968699032547808433 and we have them for sale 1 share 4968699032547808433 for 5000NXT
AE Link: http://localhost:7876/#asset:4968699032547808433
On the 1st of July we will stop selling shares and will convert all collected NXT to USD.
We will deposit the USD amount to our broker account and start an instance of Humpty trading with this account.
Every share will have the corresponding % from the USD account.
A link to the account live performance will be made available for monitoring here.
After 6 months of trading we will stop Humpty of opening new positions and wait until it closes the opened ones. May take a month to complete.
In forex a personal money manager will take around 35% of the profit and sometimes 1%-2% from the total amount. We will only take 30% of the profit in USD.
Then we will convert back USD->NXT and put buy order on the shares that were sold.
All fees and exchange/bank commissions will be paid by the shareholders.
Trading leveraged product is a very high risk and you should not invest/gamble with more than you can lose.

For example:
  • Phase 1 - Raise capital and initiate trading
    Total shares sold @ price 5000NXT: 100
    Total amount in NXT received: 100*5000=500000NXT
    Eventual NXTUSD value 0.08 (whish it was $1)
    Total amount in USD: 500000*0.08=$40000
    There will be some commissions when transfering money between exchnage/bank/broker account. Lets say its total of 3%
    Broker Account: 40000-(40000*0.03)=$38800
  • Phase 2 - Trading Period End
    6 months later Account balance after closing all positions (and hopefully 6% monthly return) 
    Profit: 6%x6monthsx$38800=$13968
    Total Acc Balance: $13968+$38800=$52768
    For our work we will take 30% commission from the profit: $13968*0.3=$4190.4
    Total profit to be paid to the shareholders: $13968-$4190.4=$9777.6
  • Phase 3 - Pay the shareholders
    Example total amount to be paid back to shareholders $38800+$9777.6=$48577.6
    Convert $48577.6 to NXT. Say NXTUSD 0.08
    Total NXT to be paid back: $48577.6/0.08=607220NXT. There will be some exchange commissions too..(its all one big estimate)
    Total NXT after exchange commissions and fees: ~600000NXT
    Place buy orders of the shares at price 6000NXT

NOTE: We have cost to support,maintain,run and constantly improve HumptyFX. We are doing this more to be part of NXT rather than expecting to make a lot of money. However we need to at least cover most of our expenses of running the system and if we do not manage to raise the minimum cash to give us some expectation of enough profit to support the main cost we will postpone the 1st of July date and maybe refund back all the shareholders if not enough interest is shown.

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