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...If you had overseas cryptocurrency accounts (like at Bter.com or Bitstamp, for example) any one of which had a total USD value of $10,000 or more for even one day in 2013.

Briefly, cryptocurrency accounts (but not wallets, like at blockchain.info) count as securities accounts, and the feds are watching to be sure you declare these accounts, even if you did not cash out and receive capital gains. So you may not have a tax liability from these accounts, but you have a declarative obligation. Penalties for failing to declare are severe.
The above is according to this very helpful and, I think, very well researched post:


General Discussion / Is PoW really in trouble?
« on: April 12, 2014, 05:13:31 am »
Interesting interpretation of the PoW conundrum: how some cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, ahem) fall for the same inflationary, centralization gambit as fiat central banks.

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