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Title: Utlilizing Ms-Currency in the context of Advertisements
Post by: Freebieservers on May 21, 2015, 05:59:31 am
Hey there guys,

As some of you may know, we are soon to integrate the option to deliver custom video ads and garner opinion polls in real time from our user base. Assuming monthly individual connections in the range of 100,000 and 5 sessions that last  anywhere between 45 mins- 2 hours, we are in a position to garner approximately 500,000 video views and 1 million opinion polls. In addition to on-boarding users via on-site experiences (like we did with mynxt), this gives us the advantage to create an all round experience where advertisers can

1. Display what they do via ads
2. Garner market research via the polls
3. Incentivise signing up towards their platform through on-platform give aways.

Going ahead, in the event that we do attain sufficient scale to become an advertising agency, we have the ability to disperse a part of our income towards game server owners that sign up with us. This enables us to become an agreegrator of free game servers around the world and create an umbrella corp that permits server owners to run their servers in a sustainable fashion. The mode of ad delivery in the current state remains less intrusive and allows users to go about gaming without being disturbed.

Bringing in the element of a Nxt Ms-Currency / Bitshares UIA allows us to do a number of things

1. Incentivize users viewing ads in real time. We could issue tokens that could be redeemed for features within the platform
2. Incentivize server owners that sign up with us in real time
3. Create a marketplace for advertisers to "bid" on ad spots / opinion polls
4. Raise funds for creating the current advertising system by selling these tokens in advance. Redemption of tokens permitting the end user to have a video ad displayed. Hoarders have the benefit of selling them off later to prospective advertisers and  making a slight profit.

I am looking for further means to integrate the offering of these systems into the platform we intend to build in the months to come and am open to suggestions and queries from here. Would love to hear the opinions of the community as we move ahead with this.

Title: Re: Utlilizing Ms-Currency in the context of Advertisements
Post by: Riker on May 22, 2015, 01:29:10 pm
Sounds like a legitimate use case for MS currency and the marketplace. Now you just need to break it into action items.
Which information are you looking for ?
Title: Re: Utlilizing Ms-Currency in the context of Advertisements
Post by: Freebieservers on May 22, 2015, 02:36:18 pm
We are still doing our research and due diligences on this front. One possibility is that we have potential advertisers bid on the ads within the nxt wallet for ad spots going forward, thereby reducing work load on the dev front by a great margin.