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Title: Nxt Core on Raspberry Pi 3
Post by: dinkydat on January 03, 2018, 04:48:47 pm
Hi Nxt community!

I bought a few Nxt on December 13th and was running the full wallet on my laptop, v1.11.11 and everything was working well but I thought it would be better if I ran it on a RasPi so it could be on 24/7.

I downloaded the latest v1.11.12 and installation was done with no issues, logged in and could see that the Blockchain was downloading so left it going. When I checked back, the browser wasn't displaying the Nxt GUI but instead a Google Blocked Page message telling me that the page I was trying to view was potentially harmful and may contain phishing info. I proceeded and got my GUI back and everything looked ok but I wasn't downloading anymore.

This kept happening and always the same IP, I removed the USB drive from RasPi and restarted Nxt on my laptop but after a while I got the same thing. Back to RasPi I removed the Nxt installation and re-installed but the same kept happening. I blacklised the IP when I found that, restarted and went to bed. Tried to remote into RasPi when I got up and couldn't, no network or hdd activity so unplugged then got back in and restarted Nxt.

So far today I'm Dl'ing the Blockchain without any issues so fingers crossed for it not to happen again.

Question. Have others experienced this page blocking? I thought it was Ad Blocker but with that off it still happened.

1. I don't have log files, just NXT/logs/placeholder.txt is this right?
2. Do I need to open/fwd ports or will connections be fine without?
3. While trying to find solutions I saw the news about the Ignis free coins and questions on how to get them from the Nxt wallet but nothing that was answered fully so is there a thread/info on how to go about getting these?

Thanks for your help

Title: Re: Nxt Core on Raspberry Pi 3
Post by: websioux on January 04, 2018, 09:04:19 am
I know that when you go to http://localhost chrome shows a warning when you clic on the info icon. It just mean "http not good someone can listen between you and the server".
But this warning does not makes sense on localhost or since you are dealing with your own machine.
Title: Re: Nxt Core on Raspberry Pi 3
Post by: dinkydat on January 04, 2018, 03:46:24 pm
Thanks for the reply. The ip address causing the error message is 159.89.xx.xx. It was in the list of connected servers when I blacklisted it.

Since then I still had some issues so started again with a fresh install of Raspbian, new dl of Nxt 1.11.12 and still got the Deceptive site ahead message to the same IP, I clicked through and got back to the Nxt Dashboard and everything looked as normal so closed the browser and left the server running. When I got up the progress bar didn't look like it had changed :-/

Looking into it more I see that the DB is being saved on the SD card, thinking that it would be better on the USB stick I changed the config file (mnt/usb1/Nxt/conf/nxt.default.properties) and pointed to the USB and restarted everything.

I copied the original DB files from ./nxt/nxt_db/ to /mnt/usb1/Nxt/nxt_db but should they have been copied or should the folder be empty so the program puts everything in there?

There now seems to be another issue. Since making the DB change, when I login to the Dashboard I have zero balance + zero transactions. The lightening/connection icon isn't there, the message near the top says 'The blockchain is currently downloading. Please wait until it is up to date.' In the bottom right corner it's showing Downloading Blockchain (1428838 blocks left) but this is going up and not down!

I'll revert back to the original DB and see if that changes things and I did see someone post a similar issue so if I find that it might help.

Any advice welcome :)


Decided to delete all the Nxt stuff and start again. New installation, changed DB location before 1st run, started server - logged into Dashboard and I'm back at the beginning with balance and tx's + 1624208 blocks to go! DB now on USB. Hopefully this will continue without any further issues then I can start looking to see if I've got some free coins :D