Is splitting Nxt into 2 coins a good solution for more scalability  
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Author Topic: Is splitting Nxt into 2 coins a good solution for more scalability  (Read 393 times)


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Marc opened a Nxt poll with this topic : https://www.mynxt.info/poll/8456081814557957525

But I think a poll without a thread does not offer the right answer, because of nuances in interpretation and a potential lack of discussion around the question So here is one..

And here is what I think :
This is a strange question. Because it mixes whish and results.
Off course, NO, it is not good to split, but it may well be the only solution.
Then, if it is, it becomes a good solution ? => YES...

Did we do everything we could to find an alternative : NO
Is this the best solution in term of computer performance : YES probably.
Does this makes it the best solution : NO an alternative with lower performance if it exists may reach more concensus.

Your turn.. 
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