Meetup in NYC - Presenting NXT / Ardor in building out Dapps on Codepen.com
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Author Topic: Meetup in NYC - Presenting NXT / Ardor in building out Dapps on Codepen.com  (Read 1184 times)


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I'm running a new meetup dedicated to front end developers and I'll be giving a presentation on NXT / Ardor capabilities using only html/css/js on the codepen.com platform. I'll be presenting to a room full of developers that most likely might not have dabbled in blockchain yet. imo, this target audience is more valuable than trying to sell tokens/coins to speculators. If you can get even just a few to work on the nxt/ardor platform thats a success already.

I'm demoing simple json ajax calls to the nxt/ardor apis and showing how to:

- build a decentralized market place filtered by specific keywords.
- possibly build out some type of simple chess board game that records the piece location on a board using data cloud
- build a MIDI player fetching .midi music from the data cloud that is less than 40kb.

If anyone is willing to help out, that would be great. I need codepen.com demos that make use of the nxt/ardor apis.