CryptoWin - Earn 120% profit in just 100 hours singapore
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Author Topic: CryptoWin - Earn 120% profit in just 100 hours  (Read 2934 times)


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CryptoWin - Earn 120% profit in just 100 hours
« on: January 16, 2015, 10:51:22 pm »

What is the CryptoWin Project?

We are tired of those scam HYIPs (financial pyramids). We could as well pretend we are doing trading or something else, but we will plainly say the truth. CryptoWin is an honest game. Everyone can play it and get considerable profits, without the fear that the project will collapse for some unnatural scam reasons.

What is our profit for the development of this project?

We charge a 1% commission from each deposit. That’s our profit.

The marketing plan is very alluring (and fast). The profits begin at 1% per hour.

Investment for 25 hours - 1% profit per hour, that is, 25% in 25 hours
Investment for 50 hours - 1.1% profit per hour, that is, 55% in 50 hours
Investment for 100 hours - 1.2% profit per hour, that is, 120% in 100 hours

The profits are paid out when the deposit expires. Over 200 cryptocurrencies are available for investment.

There’s also a one-level referral program for active participants.

You will earn 7% from each deposit made by your referral investors. The referral payouts are made instantly, as soon as the investor’s deposit is added to their personal account.

It’s high time to make huge profits! Welcome to the project!


Try it now and see how fast your profits can grow.