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Title: coingame—Dice、Black Jack, Texas Hold'em,accept Nxtcoin.
Post by: coingame on December 13, 2014, 05:57:46 am
cryptocoin game and exchange

coingame site : coingame.io
   coingame is a new model of cryptocoin game and exchanges ,coingame's goal is to build a global crypto currency trade and game  ecosystem. To provide crypto currency trading platform, for game developers to provide the interface, entertainment and leisure for lovers of crypto currency.
   coingame was founded in September 2013,Developed from Black Jack,and now have many games such as Dice、Racing、Texas Hold'em,etc. coingame is also a exchange ,now ,platform accept Bitcoin、Litecoin、Dogecoin、Nxtcoin、Ripple、Stellar、Darknetcoin and STC (the stock of coingame.io),you can play games and trade coin in this ,What a exciting cryptocoin application !!
   In October 2014,coingame to start the development plan, the third edition platform is due out in early 2015. In the future,the experience of site will be greatly improved,has now set up a operations team,they set out to design the interface of the website.soon,you will  be able to see a perfect application of  Crypto Currency's game.

Contact us:
   Email: webmaster@coingameio  (Technical problems )
            coingame@outlookcom   (Request to add coin,deposits and withdrawal )
   QQ Group :2254756151 ,

The game supports coins :
   Bitcoin、Litecoin、Dogecoin、Nxtcoin、Ripple、Stellar、Darknetcoin and STC (the stock of coingame.io)
   Black Jack :
   Bitcoin、Litecoin、Dogecoin、Nxtcoin、Ripple、Stellar、Darknetcoin and STC (the stock of coingame.io)
   Texas Hold'em :
   Darknercoin ,
   Bitcoin、Litecoin、Dogecoin、Nxtcoin、Ripple、Stellar、Darknetcoin and STC (the stock of coingame.io)
   More information,please pay attention to our twitter:@coingameIO ,
   thanks all.