The first mini Nxt Ebook + first crowdfunding campaign with the Nxt Marketplace singapore
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Author Topic: The first mini Nxt Ebook + first crowdfunding campaign with the Nxt Marketplace  (Read 5301 times)


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Hello everybody,

Nxter.org Store sells some of my articles on the Nxt Marketplace. It's mini Ebooks of my articles about Nxt. 17 pages.

It's a part of my reflection about Nxt and the NXT tokens.

01 - Les NXT ne sont pas une monnaie d'échange (The NXT are not daily currency)
Identifiant du produit:  12061032587917288457

02 - La répartition des NXT (The NXT repartition)
Identifiant du produit:  12895311766860655014

02bis - Réponse à Encore un Ponzi 2.0 (Answer to "Encore un Ponzi 2.0")
Identifiant du produit:  8597463341634687674

03 - Nxt est une crptoéconomie ouverte (Nxt is a open cryptoeconomy)
Identifiant du produit:  15457922597665381539

04 - La décentralisation et Nxt (The decentralisation and Nxt)
Identifiant du produit:  4527165504074471417

05 - Pack - 5 premiers articles de Ludom
20 NXT
Identifiant du produit:  16773256334514147413

Ok, it's in french. Sorry for that ;)

BUT we want to translate them in English and Nxter.org organize a crowdfunding campaign on the Marketplace to finance the translation.
To participate to the crowdfunding campaign, it's easy : you have to prebuy the english version of my texts.

06 - English translation of Pack - 5 first Ludom's articles
20 NXT
Good id : 17263259386147540520

Description :
This good is like a crowdfunding. If the whole quantity is sold, a translator will go to work, and you will receive the translation within 3 days from then. The final deadline for the crowdfunding is 07.09.2014. If all the goods aren't sold before that, you will get your NXT back, minus transaction fee. When purchasing, set the Delivery Deadline to 430 or according to the crowdfunding deadline 07.09.2014.

The articles of Ludom are :
01 - The NXT are not daily currency
02 - The NXT repartition
02bis - Answer to "Encore un Ponzi 2.0"
03 - Nxt is a open cryptoeconomy
04 - The decentralisation and Nxt
PDF, 17 pages

If you want to donate to this project, you can send NXT to acc ID NXT-EAVH-SLEV-KSEE-EE2KP with the message: "5 first ENG".

The Nxter.org Store is NXT-EAVH-SLEV-KSEE-EE2KP

Thanks to support Nxter.org! It's the next big website for NXT : news and valuable content for the community and the other.

Thanks to support my job!
Support us to publish "The first book about Nxt"