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Title: NXT Book: Understanding the universe
Post by: JZA on July 28, 2016, 10:45:03 pm
Understanding our history

Hi guys, selling a book from a self-publishing artist, her book has been bought on her website many thousand times, I talked to her about cryptocurrency and maybe the power of NXT can also give her a good excuse to get new clients.

I am here with a story. A truly spectacular story. A story about creation and creators. A story about life and truth. A story about eternity and divinity. About love and friendship; abundance and freedom. I am also here with a story about pain and limitations; about deceit, conflicts and trauma. About wars and destruction. A story about you. And me. About our past, present and future. A story about our universe; this breathtaking universe that is our home.

Suggested price is: 435.1

However is more of a bid and you are encouraged if you want to make aditional contributions to the account:

AssetID: 973096278778055538

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