List of feature request for Ardor, Ignis, and Nxt (with the full list in OP)
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Author Topic: List of feature request for Ardor, Ignis, and Nxt (with the full list in OP)  (Read 172085 times)


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Re: List of feature request for Nxt and NRS (with the full list in OP)
« Reply #380 on: July 29, 2017, 06:15:34 pm »

Installer request:

Archive Nxt node check box in the Nxt installer setup.

When installing Nxt, make it possible to setup Nxt as a achival node. That should be simple as possible to install archive node, i.e. just check a box in the installation process. That will certainly promote archive node and this request is very easy to be done, i think. Overall, this feature request, once implement, will promote decentralization of Nxt archive data.

I just saw that light client option is available now in the installer. This is great. It would be nice if the archival option would also be available. Keep up the good work.
Please drop your ideas concerning Nxt and/or NRS in this topic -> List of feature request for Nxt and/or NRS (with the full list in OP).


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Re: List of feature request for Ardor, Ignis, and Nxt (with the full list in OP)
« Reply #381 on: September 19, 2017, 05:53:58 pm »

Hi there  :D

Title : suggestion of relooking of the lockscreen interface.
Category : UI.
Platform : All.

a nice background using HTML5 / JS I found on the internet, I tested it and it gave a nice result...

if you want to try it, do the following:
1) create an empty javascript file .js here :
2) Copy/paste/save the following code in the particles_matrix.js file :
Code: [Select]
//Particles Script from : http://cssdeck.com/labs/html5-canvas-particles-web-matrix
// RequestAnimFrame: a browser API for getting smooth animations

window.requestAnimFrame = (function(){
  return  window.requestAnimationFrame       ||
  window.webkitRequestAnimationFrame ||
  window.mozRequestAnimationFrame    ||
  window.oRequestAnimationFrame      ||
  window.msRequestAnimationFrame     || 
  function( callback ){
window.setTimeout(callback, 1000 / 60);

// Initializing the canvas
// I am using native JS here, but you can use jQuery,
// Mootools or anything you want
var canvas = document.getElementById("canvas");

// Initialize the context of the canvas
var ctx = canvas.getContext("2d");

// Set the canvas width and height to occupy full window
var W = window.innerWidth, H = window.innerHeight;
canvas.width = W;
canvas.height = H;

// Some variables for later use
var particleCount = 100,
particles = [],
minDist = 100,

// Now the idea is to create some particles that will attract
// each other when they come close. We will set a minimum
// distance for it and also draw a line when they come
// close to each other.

// The attraction can be done by increasing their velocity as
// they reach closer to each other

// Let's make a function that will act as a class for
// our particles.

function Particle() {
// Position them randomly on the canvas
// Math.random() generates a random value between 0
// and 1 so we will need to multiply that with the
// canvas width and height.
this.x = Math.random() * W;
this.y = Math.random() * H;

// We would also need some velocity for the particles
// so that they can move freely across the space
this.vx = -1 + Math.random() * 2;
this.vy = -1 + Math.random() * 2;

// Now the radius of the particles. I want all of
// them to be equal in size so no Math.random() here..
this.radius = 2;

// This is the method that will draw the Particle on the
// canvas. It is using the basic fillStyle, then we start
// the path and after we use the `arc` function to
// draw our circle. The `arc` function accepts four
// parameters in which first two depicts the position
// of the center point of our arc as x and y coordinates.
// The third value is for radius, then start angle,
// end angle and finally a boolean value which decides
// whether the arc is to be drawn in counter clockwise or
// in a clockwise direction. False for clockwise.
this.draw = function() {
ctx.fillStyle = "white";
ctx.arc(this.x, this.y, this.radius, 0, Math.PI * 2, false);

// Fill the color to the arc that we just created

// Time to push the particles into an array
for(var i = 0; i < particleCount; i++) {
particles.push(new Particle());

// Function to draw everything on the canvas that we'll use when
// animating the whole scene.
function draw() {

// Call the paintCanvas function here so that our canvas
// will get re-painted in each next frame

// Call the function that will draw the balls using a loop
for (var i = 0; i < particles.length; i++) {
p = particles[i];

//Finally call the update function

// Give every particle some life
function update() {

// In this function, we are first going to update every
// particle's position according to their velocities
for (var i = 0; i < particles.length; i++) {
p = particles[i];

// Change the velocities
p.x += p.vx;
p.y += p.vy

// We don't want to make the particles leave the
// area, so just change their position when they
// touch the walls of the window
if(p.x + p.radius > W)
p.x = p.radius;

else if(p.x - p.radius < 0) {
p.x = W - p.radius;

if(p.y + p.radius > H)
p.y = p.radius;

else if(p.y - p.radius < 0) {
p.y = H - p.radius;

// Now we need to make them attract each other
// so first, we'll check the distance between
// them and compare it to the minDist we have
// already set

// We will need another loop so that each
// particle can be compared to every other particle
// except itself
for(var j = i + 1; j < particles.length; j++) {
p2 = particles[j];
distance(p, p2);


// Distance calculator between two particles
function distance(p1, p2) {
var dist,
dx = p1.x - p2.x,
dy = p1.y - p2.y;

dist = Math.sqrt(dx*dx + dy*dy);

// Draw the line when distance is smaller
// then the minimum distance
if(dist <= minDist) {

// Draw the line
ctx.strokeStyle = "rgba(255,255,255,"+ (1.2-dist/minDist) +")";
ctx.moveTo(p1.x, p1.y);
ctx.lineTo(p2.x, p2.y);

// Some acceleration for the partcles
// depending upon their distance
var ax = dx/2000,
ay = dy/2000;

// Apply the acceleration on the particles
p1.vx -= ax;
p1.vy -= ay;

p2.vx += ax;
p2.vy += ay;

// Start the main animation loop using requestAnimFrame
function animloop() {


3) Now we have to add our HTML5 canvas to the lockscreen.html here:
right after the copyright section , copy/paste the following lines :

Code: [Select]
<script src="js/3rdparty/particles_matrix.js"></script>
<canvas id="canvas" style="width:100%;height:100%;position:absolute;display:block;z-index:0;opacity: .5;"></canvas>

AND! you have to add the style in the next line like this :
Code: [Select]
<div id="lockscreen" class="loading" style="position:relative;">

(before was)
Code: [Select]
<div id="lockscreen" class="loading">

that it  :D if you did it correctly, logout to see the lockscreen...  ;D
Thank you and BigZouuu!


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Thank you for your input. I have update the OP.

This topic is not active as it once was. Please people, continue to give and share new ideas!  ;D
Please drop your ideas concerning Nxt and/or NRS in this topic -> List of feature request for Nxt and/or NRS (with the full list in OP).


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GUI request: way to resolve forks.

Currently I believe the way to resolve a fork is to use the test API to popoff blocks back to the common ancestor. It would be good if this could be integrated into the main GUI somehow. A better interface might be to let the user specify a block height and block ID of the side of fork they want to be on, and let the system work out how many blocks to pop off. Better still might be for the user to identify the node whose forks they want to follow, and let the system work out the block. Especially if nodes were named dependably.

This would essentially be progressing the Economic Clusters feature, which at the moment seems half-done. (Transactions specify the EC block, but the user can't say which economic cluster they want to belong to.)


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Hi  :D

after reading in our favorite magazine nxter.org that there will be a big UI relooking, I decided to share my modest work in the hope that will be useful and may be will add some green in my account ;D ;D ;D ;D

well, this is the codes for NXT (only) marketplace, i will publish the codes for the NBCK in its relative topic here

to try, download NXT-DGS.zip from here (link in green):

extract it (to folder) you will find 3 files, you just have to:
- remove nrs.dgs.js file here
and replace it with the file from the zip file

- remove the dgs.html here :
and replace it with the file from the zip file

- open the "add.to.app.css" file with a text editor or an IDE and copy paste the lines in it to
at the very end of the file after the last }

clean your browser cache... refresh the wallet and open the DGS  :D

enjoy and good continuation  :D


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It works on my Blockchain creation kit clone ?
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