Feature Request: DNS System in NXT - Improvements or Redesigned  
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Author Topic: Feature Request: DNS System in NXT - Improvements or Redesigned  (Read 4796 times)


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Feature Request: DNS System in NXT - Improvements or Redesigned
« on: December 12, 2015, 07:31:10 am »


Currently NXT Alias feature is used to make it work as DNS System in combination with DNSChain Service.

Some issues:
- Unlike other Blockchain providing DNS solution over blockchain, NXT Alias never expires. Namecoin, EmerCoin, and NEM have similar features, with different names and different specifications, but they expire after a period time. Not sure about others, but Namecoin's DNS expires every 6 months, and needs to renew every 6 months.

- Reverse IP lookup. That could be just me, but I have not seen a solution where we could query reverse IP lookup to domain using a DNS system over blockchain. For direct DNS queries, DNSChain is used combination with Namecoin and NXT to resolve DNSs through both blockchains. But, there's no way so far I know which could resolve IP to DNS using the same route (DNSChain querying Blockchains, Namecoin, NXT). The reason is these are resolved with the querying the "name" on blockchain. In case of Namecoin it's it's "d/domain_name" (http://namecha.in/name/d/meshbits), and in NXT it's simply "NXT Alias". There's no way to query "IP Address" and resolve it to it's binding name on blockchain. If any other blockchain has not resolved it yet, may be NXT could try something. If out of my knowledge anybody else out there have solved this issue, why not use similar method with NXT? or may be try something different and improved?

If this request could not be applied to NXT Aliases, then may be NXT should consider it as an individual feature.

Hope this post would be useful as Feature request.

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