[MC] Second phase funding request for BitCoin2014 conference. APPROVED singapore
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Author Topic: [MC] Second phase funding request for BitCoin2014 conference. APPROVED  (Read 856 times)


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Second phase of funding for Bitcoin 2014

The first phase of funding for the conference is pretty much done,
We've covered most of the high-cost stuff, so now on to organise the smaller bits and pieces.

Here are the estimated costs for the second phase:

Promotional material (brochures/flyers)   € 200
Promo pendants (Shapeways)                €  50
Accomodation costs (tbc)                      € 250
Photo/video guys                                  € 250       
EvilDaves worked hours                         € 200
Misc.                                                    €  50

Total                                                  € 1000 or   58,800 NXT (@ € 0.017 /NXT) 

I would also like to add in a bounty for Ideenfrische for the backdrop and maybe a couple of smaller bounties for other people.
(for example Fatih87SK for the desktop wallpaper)

So this gives us a total of 60,000 NXT for immediate costs, with some extra on top for bounty payments.
(We need to discuss Ideenfrische and payment  , btw, )

This post is therefore my official  request to the MC to release 60,000 NXT immediately for the conference,
and to discuss/brainstorm any possible bounty payments.

BTW: Amsterdam hotels are rapidly filling up for the conference weekend. We need to organise accomodation for chanc3r and l8orre asap
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Re: [MC] Second phase funding request for BitCoin2014 conference.
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2014, 04:38:59 pm »

Request has been approved!


I will contact neer.g to send the funds ASAP.
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