A crowd-sourced trading fund to educate youth about trading bitcoin. singapore
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Author Topic: A crowd-sourced trading fund to educate youth about trading bitcoin.  (Read 2442 times)


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I write to seek review by the Community Funding Committee

Thanks in advance for your time.



Bitcoin is a killer app for trading - that is, it is easy to trade, and it can be very profitable.

- Bitcoin is absolutely the easiest market to get start trading - you can create and fund an account, and start trading in a matter of minutes. No Banks or Brokers.
- real-time price charts for free - see the bid and ask prices and see how many people are long and how many people are short
- Ultra low cost trading compared to traditional stocks and commodities broker fees
- Ultra low minimum trades - you can micro-trade a position as little as 0.01 BTC (~$2.70 USD)
- internet technology has made it possible to trade bitcoin from anywhere in the world
- recent market volatility has created a tremendous opportunity for people who want to trade from home
It is an ideal market for a beginner trader to start small and gain trading skills and experience!

Why we need the funds

We have a unique audience that is ideal to help get involved in Bitcoin and other cryptos.

Tens of thousands of youth practice 'Merchanting' on the Grand Exchange within the MMORPG game of Runescape.com - they already have basic knowledge of technical analysis and trading methods.

Lumbridgcity will serve as a bridge, providing training and support to help these 'merchanters' take the step to real world trading with Bitcoin.

Crowd sourced funds will enable us to demonstrate and provide how-to-videos on two different bitcoin investment vehicles:

50% of funding will be added the the trading fund on the Lumbridgecity Bitfinex trading account that is used to demonstrate how to trade bitcoin for profits on the Bitcoin Price Review Channel on YouTube.
50% of funding will be used to provide liquidity in the Bitfinex exchange to test and demonstrate the potential for compound interest earnings.

What your donation will help achieve

You fund the trading account that is used in live trading demonstrations and tutorial videos that introduce bitcoin, and educate a youth audience about trading and investing using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Started in January 2015, our channel has already gathered 180 subscribers, while trading with an account with less than $50 capitalization!

The larger trading fund generated by this NXT-Starter Crowdsourcing is not *needed* for the continuation of the project, however, we hope it creates a newsworthy story to help the NXT-Starter concept, and at the same time, assist in the greater good of getting thousands of youth involved in Bitcoin in any way that is meaningful to them.


Your donation provides the funds that we trade. And as our part of the project, our team will create regular video journal updates and free bitcoin tutorials for the public on YouTube and we will use our network to promote new content.


and our double-opt-in email lists from the website
Supporters Will Be Honored!

  • Your donations will be gratefully acknowledged in the LumbridgeCity Hall of Fame. (http://www.lumbridgecity.com/about/hall-fame-bitcoin-tippers/ )
  • Your donations will help us realize a goal of helping others have a better quality of life by learning to build better habits with money. (http://www.lumbridgecity.com/about)
  • And your donations will help hundreds, and perhaps thousands of people discover how to use bitcoin as an investment vehicle.
  • All donors over 10,000 NXT will receive lifetime access to the Lumbridgecity website and honored status in our community and Hall of Fame!

Plan for current funding round

Aim: ~100k NXT (5.0 btc) before April 30 2015


If this trading account is profitable - each quarter, 50% of all profits will be used to fund crowd-sourced projects on the NXT-Starter.com website. And each quarter, 50% of profits will be paid to the owner of this project.

After one year, on May 1, 2016, the project will conclude. At that time 50% of the fund will be paid to the owner of this project, 50% of the fund will crowd-source other projects on the NXT-Starter.com website - and the tutorial videos remain as an educational legacy.

Plan for future funding rounds

When successful, donators will be invited to join in with an NXT Asset launch. Details to be announced to our email list as we get closer to launch.
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Re: A crowd-sourced trading fund to educate youth about trading bitcoin.
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2015, 08:22:17 pm »

As usual, it's taken a while for us to get round to taking a look at this project, but we're on the case.
So far, I like the look of it.......it's an interesting project, taking trading within an MMO out into the almost real crypto world.

I'd like to see two things before we go much further with this:
Do you have any backing from well-known NXT community types?
Being on a newbie account makes it much harder to trust you, having no real rep around here. A few other people behind you would be useful.

Have you made any other attempts to get funding apart from the NXT-starter listing ?

I'm sure there will be more questions......
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