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« on: September 07, 2018, 02:30:12 pm »

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E-Gagauzia Business Plan

Gagauzia (Gagauz Eri) is an autonomous territorial unit of the Republic of Moldova. Gagauzia’s special legal status affords the self-determination of the Gagauz people, acting in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova. Gagauzians are mostly of ethnically Turkic origin and, affiliated with the Eastern Orthodox Church, trace their roots from of a group that originally migrated from Bulgaria together with ethnic Bulgarians settling in Bessarabia between 1812 and 1846.
Gagauzia is situated in the southern part of the Republic of Moldova and belongs to the southern economic and geographical region of the country. The eastern edges of the autonomy borders the Ukrainian region of Odessa. Gagauzia is located in the central European time zone, i.e. +2 hours UTC. There are 3 districts in the structure of the autonomy, Comrat, Ceadir-Lunga and Vulcanesti.
Gagauzia is comprised of one city, two towns, twenty villages and three communities. Its administrative center is the city of Comrat, a distinctive cultural, transportation and economic centre. Comrat is located on the map of Moldova at the crossroads of Chisinau/Cahul/Bucharest and Balti/Ceadir-Lunga/Odessa and shares a railroad and highway with its neighboring districts. Comrat is 104 km from the capital of Moldova, Chisinau.


The e-Gagauzia Cooperative is a legal entity according to the laws of Moldova formed for the purpose of creating growth and economic development within the Gagauzia autonomous region. For this a process of development by means of  information and communication technologies (ICT), more specifically decentralised ledger technologies (DLT) and Industry 4.0, is used, whereby a minimum standard of digitisation of services and assets in the autonomy’s economy and governmental services would be achieved.

A new age economy that is politically, socially, environmentally and commercially evolved, and which is not only embracing the most advanced technologies and sustainable philosophies, but is also implementing them and benefiting from them.

The e-Gagauzia Cooperative will advise the regional administration on digital policy, protocols, regulations and implementation, with the goal of introducing a digital framework to enable Gagauzia to achieve following main goals.

e-Gagauzia to create a long term investment fund for real estate, energy, tourism and related events
  • network of roads; renovation and repurposing of an airport
  • developing the tourism industry, including appropriate accommodation
  • organising international sports events
  • improving and expanding the Horse farm and Horse track, organising more events
  • car track
  • aqua park
  • sports park and stadium
  • commercial hydro power facility
e-Gagauzia for the promotion of the autonomy’s Free Economic Zone
  • implementing a foreign direct investment (FDI) programme
  • digital taxing system for companies and foreign public authorities that engage in commerce with Gagauzia
  • online company and asset registry
  • online training of registration procedures and regulation and compliance with world’s best standards for food handling and processing for export

The e-Gagauzia Cooperative management and advisory team consists of a board of directors, respectively an advisor committee, consisting of representatives from following member institutions.
  • Gagauzia Administration
  • Cedra Lunga Municipality
  • DTMA
  • Start off investors
  • Cedra Lunga local community
  • Supporting international public and private organisations

Professional executive officer(s), contractors, consultants and assistants for the underlined support and management team.

It is proposed that the directors and advisors are each personally:

  • Individual members of the e-Gagauzia Cooperative who own shares with voting rights
  • Individuals who receive varying levels of financial remuneration. (when the budget permits this would be covered by the e-Gagauzia Cooperative Members administration Fees)

The Board may employ professional executive officer(s), assistants, contractors and consultants, to assist them in the discharge of their duties. The Board also delegates tasks to committees comprising any combination of directors, executive officers and officers.


The e-Gagauzia Cooperative will provide a number of advisory services for the benefit of both its individual and corporate its members, to advance the interests and development of Gagauzia. These include, but are not limited to:

Advice, creation and implementation of:

  • Develop the telecommunications infrastructure to cater for advancements and growth from the future digital economy
  • Create projects that have an immediate impact on employment and the community
  • Digital governance, regulations, structures, strategy, projects
  • The digitizing of Gagauzia projects, Free economic zone, renewable energies, tax free zone, advising on the funding and management of these projects
  • Financial and operational advise on the digitizing and management of Economic development growth

Digitizing the physical assets of Gagauzia


  • Raise money for the benefit of members, the community and the region as a whole through the digitizing of various projects and assets.
  • Create tourism initiatives for the benefit of the membership and Global Marketplace.
  • Provide PR & Marketing.
  • Maintain the website and other communications.
  • Attract new commercial opportunities to Gagauzia for smart agricultural exports for niche products.
  • Attract investment into Free Economic Zone projects that are required by Gagauzia

Professional development:

Work with the educational institutions, industry and government to develop digital training, systems, procedures, protocols, regulations, and maintenance processes for industry and government
Identify roadblocks or gaps in project completion requirements and digitize the solution for building, completing, improving and maintaining projects.

Lobbying and advocacy:

Lobbying, brokering and advocacy of and with Moldova government, Moldova government agencies, Gagauzia Administration, International organisation and corporate.

Representation to:

  • Professional organizations
  • Government and government agencies
  • Finance
  • Tourism
  • Resources
  • Industry
  • Corporate investors
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Industry 4.0 Sector

e-Gagauzia Cooperative


Issuance of DTG is to act as internal rewards token to its holders and to be used payment mechanism around various services throughout the project as per following the following example use cases:
  • Discounts Cooperative Membership
  • Discounts Free Economic Zone company registrations
  • Discounts Free Economic Zone Utility Services
  • Discounts for Extreme Sports events and Goods
  • Discounts for hotels and food
  • Payments for flights to over 900 Airlines
  • Payments for 800,000 hotels world wide

Invite Code DTMA160818
555,555 @ 2 EURO / DTG (1 DTG = €2)
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