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Title: viable business models and project funding- why does it seem to be so hard?
Post by: LocoMB on January 04, 2016, 06:05:52 am

I think the answer is that it seems so hard because in the fiat world it seems to be too easy- which still does not make it viable.

http://markstcyr.com/2016/01/03/why-silicon-valley-may-be-at-defcon-1-status/ (http://markstcyr.com/2016/01/03/why-silicon-valley-may-be-at-defcon-1-status/)

Uber™ for all intents and purposes; is an app that let’s you hail a cab. Current valuation? $50+ BILLION dollars looking to finance another round bringing it up to over $60 BILLION. The reaction, analysis and commentary? “Absolutely! Sounds logical and reasonable. After all They’re killing it!” Fair enough. I’ll just ask you this:
This business model and plan is worth more than 80% of all the companies listed in the S&P?

REALLY?  ::)

So the reason why NXTers are finding it hard to developing economically successful projects based in the cryptocurrency ecosystems is- that it is hard!
On the other hand, cryptocurrency ecosystems offer an evolutionary conduit into the real world, the real world as in opposed to fiat bloated central bank controlled economy.

Which means that it is far more healthy to start a project in the cryptocurrency sphere, because the metrics here are gauging the real world, and not the prancing unicorn lala-land.

So let's just see it this way, and not bemoan how hard it seems to be to get a project going!
Title: Re: viable business models and project funding- why does it seem to be so hard?
Post by: OutSL on January 04, 2016, 10:47:07 am
Hi  :D
yes indeed, it is hard to set up projects based crypto ... there is not only the pressure from governments and economic authorities ... but also the uncertainties concerning the future of crypto in general
adding that the market is unhealthy because we can not really know if the offers are real opportunities or a scam or just an idea that does not work ... waste of money

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