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Author Topic: ANN: IPVO of NXTblocks virtual profit tokens (Read 207 times)  (Read 1871 times)


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Official NXTblocks.info launch of virtual profit tokens on the NXT AE platform

Virtual Token Name: NXTblocks

Asset ID: 3374201242031203848

Issuer Account: NXT-FTH6-9JSZ-8UEU-AJEUY

You can find the official announcement here: https://nxtblocks.info/static/vo/nxtblocks_vo.html
GPG signature: https://nxtblocks.info/static/vo/nxtblocks_vo.html.asc
GPG key ID: 0xB586A805

What is NXTblocks

NXTblocks is an advanced Blockchain and Asset Exchange Explorer for the NXT financial platform that also provides a market overview of NXT, distribution and blockchain charts and statistics, and an online browser-encrypted wallet service that allows easy management of multiple accounts and contacts.

URL: https://nxtblocks.info

Official twitter account: @nxtblocks

Support: info@nxtblocks.info

State of the art

NXTblocks announced the first version of its block & asset explorer on May 26th 2014, backed by prominent community members Klee (who owns 4.44% of the project) and Pouncer (who owns 13.33% of the project). Since then, NXTblocks has established itself as one of the prominent NXT services web application in the NXT ecosystem, and we have been consistently serving 700-1200 unique users (different IPs) per day. Our first beta version of the browser-encrypted NXT wallet was announced on June 24th 2014, and twelve days later we had more than 230 registered wallets. We expect those numbers to increase on par with NXT's user acceptance rate.

Features planned in future versions of NXTblocks:

Currently, the project is under heavy planning and development in order to design, implement and incorporate all the necessary features that will make NXTblocks what we aspire it to be, which is the number one destination for those who are interested in NXT or make transactions in NXT. Planned features include:
  • An Android (and possibly IOS) mobile wallet application. We are in a premier position of building a lightweight smartphone client for NXT. So-called "heavy" clients are too resource demanding for smartphones, both network-wise (since the blockchain needs to be downloaded) and battery-wise. We are already designing our API, which will be utilized for building a lightweight smartphone wallet client as well.
  • A browser extension that will function as a verifier to enhance security of our web application.
  • More detailed asset information in the AE explorer, including asset holders (with export functionality that will be useful for asset issuers), total capitalization and more.
  • Asset dashboard/portfolio within the wallet that will offer combined asset information and management from multiple accounts.
  • Asset trading from within the wallet, again from multiple NXT accounts.
  • Development of gateways between BTC, LTC and other bitcoin-based currencies to NXT assets, and embedding withdraw/deposit functionality from within the wallet. This will enable us to offer trading of alternative cryptocurrencies from within our web wallet, thus using the NXT Asset Exchange platform to function as an exchange.
  • A Digital Goods Store frontend. We are looking at possible ways to facilitate trading of legal digital goods, while avoiding questionable goods that may compromise our credibility and reputation.
  • A Digital Goods Store wallet dashboard, offering combined product and order information and management for all wallet accounts.
  • Message inbox and encrypted messages functionality.
  • Twitter-like functionality (mark accounts as followed and see their messages in a message stream, useful for following asset announcements etc.)
  • Offering of a RESTful API in order to facilitate the emergence of other services and startups.
  • DNS server based on the NXT alias system (a PowerDNS-based prototype is already in the works).
  • We plan to gradually set up and monitor at least 60 large NRS instances which will serve a backbone of our infrastructure and API, and simultaneously helping the NXT network backbone.

We believe we are uniquely positioned to implement all of the aforementioned features: We have architected our project to be entirely a Javascript web application, which enables us to add features while simultaneously keeping the wallet data browser-encrypted and not compromising the security of our wallet in any way (which would be the case if we stored user data in a server database). Being lightning fast is another bonus feature stemming from this design.

We are pleased to announce our offering of NXTblocks virtual tokens in the NXT Asset Exchange platform.

Each virtual token (NXT AE asset unit) corresponds to a share of the future profits of the NXTblocks project. The total number of tokens is 275'000 and corresponds to 27.5% of the future profits of the project. The tokens are offered via a single sell order at a price of 36NXT per unit (token). NXTblocks virtual tokens are not stocks, bonds or any other kind of financial instrument or security. They carry no voting privileges. Proceeds will be kept in NXT accounts; we will potentially hedge part of them to BTC to protect us from the high NXT volatility.

We are planning to pay dividents to stake holders as soon as NXTblocks becomes profitable, a fact which is tightly coupled to the success and acceptance of NXT itself. Profitability is not expected sooner than December 2014. Stake holders will always be informed via NXT encrypted messages and a quarterly report will be published every three months including an overview of the user adoption so far as well as a profit report of the project including potential dividents to be sent.


As NXT evolves and grows, we expect high growth of NXTblocks in terms of unique daily visitors and registered wallets. A major part of the already implemented functionality of NXTblocks is similar to that of blockchain.info, which has proven to be very successful, with banner advertising as its only source of revenue. In addition to simple payments, NXTblocks will offer services for a financial platform that has many competitive advantages over other cryptocurrencies and respective platforms. The latter gives the opportunity to NXTblocks to exploit additional revenue streams, which include:
  • The classic banner advertisement model. The fact that blockchain.info is so successful quantifies in some point the huge market size of cryptocurrencies, which is global and continuously increasing.
  • Offering a "sponsored assets/digital goods" banner advertisement service.
  • Offering a way for asset issuers to verify their assets, via various verification levels, in order to prove ownership of their asset (similar to what Certificate Authorities do on for SSL/TLS).
  • Development of gateways between BTC, LTC and other bitcoin-based currencies to NXT assets. We are already working on a BTC<->NXT AE gateway prototype, which should be ready in some weeks. The gateways will belong to a separate project, but deposit/withdrawal functionality will be embedded in the wallet, and coupled with AE trading this will facilitate trading of other coins from within the wallet. By utilizing the AE for trading, we significantly cut down running costs and risks, which in turn enables us to offer very competitive deposit/withdrawal fees. When a user deposits/withdraws bitcoins from the gateway using the NXTblocks wallet, the fees will be considered as this project's profits, and in turn will be distributed among token holders. All gateway transactions will be transparent and provable by embedding cross-chain transaction metadata to the BTC and NXT blockchains.

Valuation and Comparative Value

We currently consider NXT to be at an early, embryonic stage, and NXTblocks has already gained a large acceptance of the NXT community. We believe that the valuation of NXTblocks at this point is realistic with respect to the NXT value, the current state of NXT and its volatile and risky nature. At this point, any financial/ROI projections would be inherencly arbitrary and based on purely speculative assumptions. Being realistic and setting the token value to 36NXT seems appropriate given the costs and expenses that we have to cover in order to implement all the outstanding features we plan, our promises to our investors and what we aspire NXTblocks to be. We believe NXTblocks has the potential to enjoy similar success to the most prominent Bitcoin wallet blockchain.info, if NXT is widely adopted according to our expectations.


Investing in NXTblocks should be considered a high risk investment. Potential risks and challenges include:
  • Lower than expected user adoption of NXT or NXTblocks.
  • Profits model failure.
  • Security issues in our system or in NXT cryptocurrency platform in general.
  • The volatile nature and potential low liquidity of NXT, which may pose difficulties in liquidating and spending funds whenever necessary.
  • Other human factors.

Investors should have in mind that, to the best of our knowledge, there is no legal mechanism in order to recoup investment in case of business failure. We are operating in new, uncharted frontiers. Individuals are encouraged to perform due diligence and follow the respective laws of their jurisdictions, and never invest more than what they can afford to lose.


We aim to provide the majority of the functions of the official NXT client - and more - with the added convenience of a web interface requiring no software or blockchain downloads. A major vision of the project is to spread and promote NXT, and we will pay particular attention to what the community says. We are grateful for all the constructive comments we have received until now. We will make our best to implement the majority of the presented features even if the current offering has moderate success, fulfilling this way our commitment to our initial investors. However, given the amount of the planned features, expenses of servers, equipment, venue, and most notably hiring costs for developers and software engineers, the funds raised from the token offering will catalyze our progress and enable us to continue on a much faster pace. We believe we have already proved we possess the skills and determination to fulfill our plans and promises.

If NXT succeeds, we will too.

The NXTblocks founders

Antonis Anastasiadis (antanst)    Ilias Zavitsanos (izavits)


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Reposted from here as more people seem to be checking out this subforum.

Me and Ilias (izavits) will be available to answer your questions in this thread. Feedback is always appreciated.


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Sales seem kind of slow.  Perhaps you need to offer more value to investors?  You're valuation is way too high.
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