people dont know messages arent encrypted
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Author Topic: people dont know messages arent encrypted  (Read 10666 times)


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Re: people dont know messages arent encrypted
« Reply #40 on: August 02, 2014, 06:06:20 am »

"Hey man, Adam here. So when I added you as a contact it told me you h ave 677,000 NXT on your account lol. What an odd thing for it to tell me."
This man got a point, why would the wallet tell you that? Yeah, I know that you can still explore the blockchain to know not only the balance of an account but the whole history, even read sent messages like what we are doing at the moment. But, still, an odd information to give out. xD
Giving the name associated with that account, on the other hand, is not as strange.

I think it's a general message coded into the function which checks, if the account is valid (has NXT, has a public key).
Then tell the user that! :)

Why, what's wrong with showing the amount? It's an extra check. ("Oh yeah I know this guy has xx nxt, checks out)

I like this feature. I have found it useful on many occasions.
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