Web Access (Wallet, API) For DigitalOcean Node With Nxt In User
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Author Topic: Web Access (Wallet, API) For DigitalOcean Node With Nxt In User  (Read 1133 times)


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I'm a Linux noob, so I have to ask how to access the Nxt wallet & the Nxt API through a browser. Instead of creating a root node, I created a special user for the node and set up Nxt in its home directory. The IP is I checked the console and the NRS is running fine; a check at a Port Forwarding Tester shows that port 7874 is open even when I've shut down the droplet-console tab and disconnected from Digital Ocean. I did this all yesterday, and every check seems to show that the node's NRS is running as a daemon should.

But...because I created the node under a user, the instructions in the Nxt Wiki for securing outside-browser access don't work as specified. (I already know that those instrux only work as advertised if you set up the node to run in the root account.)

So, I wanted to ask the Linux old hands: how do I get outside browser access for a node that's running but not running in root? Specifically, the node is running in this directory:


([user] = the username I picked & set up for the node.) That directory is where run.sh is located.

The droplet has Ubuntu 14.04 loaded.

Does anyone have any advice? Thanks in advance.
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