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Author Topic: Difference of CONNECTED, NON_CONNECTED, DISCONNECTED  (Read 597 times)


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Can anyone explain the exact differences between these three options (CONNECTED, NON_CONNECTED, DISCONNECTED) for peers?

Connected makes sense, but I don't understand the difference between NON_CONNECTED and DISCONNECTED.  Is one still a valid peer but we have reached our max number of connections for our node so it's not currently connected to that peer, while the other one means that peer is not working right now?

I made these changes to my config, as I'm trying to get the current number of active Ardor nodes on the network:
Code: [Select]

Also, I have my API call set to
Code: [Select]
active=true however, I get back peers that say
Code: [Select]
"lastUpdated": 0 
I don't understand that.  I would think all the peers that are returned were able to update recently.

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